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  1. Tim the Bug snapper

    Best Invertebrate Pet after Roaches?

    Phasmids? A real variety available and they don't all get huge.
  2. Tim the Bug snapper

    Roth's Burrowing Cockroach

    Yes they are. I will increase temp a bit but they do seem fine. Do they do better in a highly humid environment or slightly lower. I did try them with dry catfood, will try them again once temp increases. Cheers tim
  3. Tim the Bug snapper

    Roth's Burrowing Cockroach

    Hi, I am keeping 2m and 2f in an enclosure heated to approx 22 degrees C, with humidity at 70/80% feeding on banana, apple, cucumber and mushroom. Although observed feeding they do not seem to eat much. Their size and shape is good and they have drinking water if needed. Their substrate is coir and compost mix with dried leaf litter (Oak and Hornbeam) on top and bark shelter. Do you think they will be eating the leaf litter as much as the fruit? Anyone else reared these before? There seems to be very little care info available. Cheers Tim
  4. Tim the Bug snapper

    Hi from Edinburgh

    Finally got validated, thanks guys. Anyone else on here from Scotland? I have procured 2m and 2f Roth's Borrowing Cockroaches. I have a question regarding feeding which I will post on the appropriate thread. Tim
  5. How do I post on this forum? Cheers.