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  1. Allpet Roaches

    A Cryptocercus Question for the Experts

    Did the guide tell you it will take 5 years?
  2. Allpet Roaches

    A Cryptocercus Question for the Experts

    I suggest sticking with the rotten wood.
  3. Allpet Roaches

    hello from kansas!

    Welcome! D. punctata are similar to hissers in care but it's hard to get much production. You'd probably never see 800 at once no matter how much work you put into it. It is a unique species. The D. punctata I have originally came from Roth, but maybe somebody else has something very similar.
  4. Allpet Roaches

    Please help keep the forum clean

    Please report vulgarity and trolling. Circumventing filters by posting links to overly vulgar language or pornographic sites will result in a permanent and immediate ban. Please don't let it go unnoticed and unreported.
  5. Allpet Roaches

    Dwarf white isopods vs giganteus nymphs

    I think the tomentosa would feed on dead ones but have no ability to harm healthy giganteus.
  6. You could try putting petroleum jelly only where they are chewing.
  7. Allpet Roaches

    Hi from Germany

    When will you travel to find your Loboptera?
  8. Allpet Roaches

    Porcellio expansus

    I offer a few damp areas and a few dryer areas in the enclosure.
  9. Allpet Roaches

    How big are newborn hisser nymphs?

    They are around 8 mm long, 4 mm wide and 1 mm thick.
  10. Allpet Roaches

    Hawai'ian cockroach stowaway

    Congratulations on your find, hopefully you get a good culture going.
  11. Allpet Roaches

    Porcellio expansus

    They like moisture and ventilation which can be a little trying at times.
  12. Allpet Roaches

    Hello from Georgia

    What species do you have?
  13. Allpet Roaches

    Hawai'ian cockroach stowaway

    Looks pretty neat, but you might have to wait till its an adult to figure it out.
  14. Allpet Roaches

    Blaberus giganteus as feeders

    They can do pretty well, just not enough to spare too many.
  15. Allpet Roaches

    Isopods slowly dying off

    What's the ventilation? Do you know what species you have?