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  1. I know you can feed roaches certain things that kill them. Try feeding slightly spoiled coconut to hissers.  I remember feeding algae wafer fish food to some isopods that killed huge numbers. Certain fish pellets seem to make millipedes grow better and then they die while molting. These cases are rare and I usually would blame it on the food last, but I'll guess it was the fish flakes.

  2. 19 hours ago, pannaking22 said:

    I'm trying my hand with two species Eleodes I found, but like an idiot I tossed them all in together for a couple days while trying to set up a second enclosure and now I have loads of larvae in the first. Not the end of the world, the two species are different enough that they'll be easy to separate once they hit adulthood, but still a definite oops on my part. They're just on cocofiber with some pieces of corkbark in for cover and climbing and it looks like they're doing really well. 

    Some Eleodes larvae eat other Eleodes so you may just end up with one species.

  3. Welcome! I'd suggest G. oblongonota, G. "princisia big" and Macropanesthia. 

    I think I have flexivitta still listed on my last list. I originally got into roaches because you could find them for sale a long time ago (it could take you a decade to find ten different species) but nobody bred beetles and you certainly couldn't find them at a pet shop.

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  4. A fine welcome to keepers of the greatest pets Justin!

    You can use monkey chow, any dog or cat food, fish pellets, etc. Anyone who tells you differently may be trying to sell you something or trying to sell something for someone else. I like Beneful for puppies.

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