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    Armadillidium hybrids

    Now I was thinking that the only Armadillidium I would feel confident keeping together because they seem so different is A. versicolor and A. klugii. There are some odd looking immatures in the enclosure that may prove that theory wrong.
  2. Allpet Roaches

    forum problems

    Maybe they're hoping you'll write them a PM and they'll get an e-mail so they don't need to check in unless someone posts on their ad. 99.9% of customers send a PM and the ones that post on the ad historically don't come through. If you sent them a PM then I have no answer for you.
  3. Allpet Roaches

    sp. cubaris

    I started with some normal duckies and a lot of them are blonde but you can't always tell because they are pale until they get big and can look blonde when young even if they aren't.
  4. Allpet Roaches

    Princisia vanwaerbeki "Big"

    Big was the name of the stock a decade before DoubleD acquired some of them. It was used on some European sites to differentiate them from the other "princisia" lines and I don't think it was a marketing ploy because they all showed up on EU lists around 2000. I still had the black and portentosa look princisia until about five years ago when I finally fed them to some assassins. They were never a fraction as big as a big big was. I lost the big maybe 2006 since they were finicky.
  5. Allpet Roaches

    Princisia vanwaerbeki "Big"

    The black specimen did not look like a small nymph in that photo. I'm surprised it's the same one here. One thing to consider when you say pure princisia (standard especially) is there were at least 4 different stocks of very different looking "princisia" around 2000 including a smaller solid black and portentosa colored lines. These were all collected from different locales and were all pure at the time. The standard was the one that looked like portentosa except for the pronotum scoop. From your second pictures and comments I'm guessing you're talking about the line called "princisia big"? That is what it was traded as twenty years ago.
  6. Allpet Roaches

    Princisia vanwaerbeki "Big"

    Sorry but a solid black specimen doesn't seem at all right unless these are the so called "black princisia".
  7. Allpet Roaches

    Armadillidium hybrids

    If you saw some of these you'd be 100% sure.
  8. Allpet Roaches

    Armadillidium hybrids

    I put a photo of mate guarding between the two species in the Isopod Zoology book but I thought it was all just in fun at that time.
  9. Allpet Roaches

    Armadillidium hybrids

    I may be jumping the gun but the spots on some of the partly grown "klugii" look like short stripes (a line instead of a spot). They are only about 4 mm but I don't remember klugii babies looking like that before.
  10. These three statements may or may not be true.
  11. One thing to remember is if you house adults together for even a few hours you have probably destroyed your lines. Also nymphs can get into the wrong cage and grow up so if something looks off feed it to something before it matures. However, the hybrids have inconsistent color and horn structure among individuals whereas the pure stocks only throw a black or odd specimen on occasion (1% or less). I'm surprised the male in that photo is offspring from this colony since they nearly always have the gold borders. I traded them from someone on this forum a long time ago as Princisia giant but I don't know what they housed them with. My list has explanations: Tiger hissers namesake color, original pure 1996 stockStandard hissers (Gramphodorhina portentosa 1972 pure stock) "Princisia giant" commonly traded stock, adults usually with gold marginsGromphadorhina oblongonota untainted stock
  12. Allpet Roaches

    Little Sea Isopod by the ocean?

    No, that's even sillier.
  13. Allpet Roaches

    What's the species?

    Also, I can guarantee both specimens in your photo are females.
  14. Allpet Roaches

    What's the species?

    It's a cosmopolitan species often traded as dwarf striped; genus Nagurus.
  15. Allpet Roaches

    Little Sea Isopod by the ocean?

    I think murina means mouse but somebody found the originals in Florida (almost everything there is not too far from the ocean) and originally confused the species name with marina.
  16. Allpet Roaches

    Rhino roach housing

    There aren't a lot of copies but it seems like the ones there are have a uniquely positive impact on the hobby. Glad to hear it.
  17. Allpet Roaches

    Happy Earth Day!

    I didn't wish the earth happy birthday since it is trying to get rid of us.
  18. Allpet Roaches

    Rhino roach housing

    By time I meant it takes less time to feed, water, and clean one enclosure so if you have them separate and don't have the time you might kill one that way in a few years.
  19. Allpet Roaches

    Rhino roach housing

    I kind of think care info is either true, false, or more complicated than that. I don't think husbandry parameter data can actually be outdated if it worked at one time. I think this one is more complicated. If you have the space and time I think keeping medium to large specimens separately most of the time is great since there is some aggression that may over years stress out and kill weaker animals, however you may keep them all together without any of them dying prematurely (or if one dies at 6 years instead of 8 or 9 instead of 7, how would you know?).
  20. Allpet Roaches

    Darkling Beetle Photo Thread

    I have not noticed cannibalism of healthy larvae within the same species even for the most aggressive one, Eleodes spinipes.
  21. Allpet Roaches

    Cholla (Cactus) Wood?

    It's may be hard to get them out of it without damaging some of them. I like cholla for certain roaches but I think they're more resistant to getting knocked out of cholla with a hard thump since they don't have such a crunchy shell.
  22. Freezing doesn't do much unless you live in the tropics where few creatures can survive a winter. You can dry substrate on a tray but this can take weeks or months to kill every pest. Isopod hunters can survive months unseen inside a silk tube in soil or among plant material. You could buy some substrate from a pet shop or a garden shop.
  23. Allpet Roaches

    Importing roaches

    It seems highly unlikely you'd get pure blooded hissers from overseas since the only really old stocks from the 1960's are in the US. More importantly you cannot get permits to import them and if you import them without permits you risk fines and imprisonment. We're all about regulations in North America.
  24. Allpet Roaches

    Hi from Colorado

    Glad you're still enjoying your roaches.
  25. Allpet Roaches

    Going rate for Discoid feeders..

    There is no way to gauge price till you see if anyone wants to buy them. Usually culture starts are a dozen for 10 or 12 bucks but in quantity the price goes down drastically. I'm referring to medium nymphs, tiny nymphs might not be saleable. Large nymphs and adults would still be about the same price.