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  1. Allpet Roaches

    Thank you for accepting me into the forum.

    I asked because they seem to have a larger and wider appetite than those species and could possibly work better for your purposes.
  2. Allpet Roaches

    Thank you for accepting me into the forum.

    Nice to have you! Did you try Gromphadorhina portentosa?
  3. Allpet Roaches

    Darkling Beetle Photo Thread

    Some Eleodes larvae eat other Eleodes so you may just end up with one species.
  4. Allpet Roaches

    New to the forum

    Welcome! What about the giant green banana roach?
  5. To clarify, the latest I-M issue has a pic of a beetle trying to mate with the author's finger. I do not believe any hyrids were created.
  6. It would be neat to see what a cross looked like, but attempted mating does not mean fertilization.
  7. Allpet Roaches

    Gyna centurio questions!

    The males are very small compared to females and mature faster, so if the little ones are males they might all mature at the same time.
  8. Allpet Roaches

    Gyna centurio questions!

    You can check the gender on older nymphs with the segments, but if these are pretty small it may not be obvious. Do they all look like males or all females? The female nymphs grow a lot larger than the male nymphs due to the difference in the adult size.
  9. Allpet Roaches

    Clean up crew questions

    Just make sure you don't use buffalo or dermestid beetles, they eat the roaches in quantity when their populations explode.
  10. Allpet Roaches

    Rhino roach cannibalism ?

    Adults will eat very tiny babies under some conditions but a big one getting eaten is unheard of.
  11. Allpet Roaches

    Beetle lover turned roach fan!

    Welcome! I'd suggest G. oblongonota, G. "princisia big" and Macropanesthia. I think I have flexivitta still listed on my last list. I originally got into roaches because you could find them for sale a long time ago (it could take you a decade to find ten different species) but nobody bred beetles and you certainly couldn't find them at a pet shop.
  12. Allpet Roaches

    New to roach keeping!

    Welcome oblongonotaFan32! I still mostly prefer the flashy stuff.
  13. N. cinerea has been known as the lobster roach since at least the 1980s, flexivitta is named after it because it looks similar but bigger.
  14. Allpet Roaches

    Any hope for the deregulation of millipedes?

    Trigoniulus corallinus and Anadenobolus monilicornis were established by agriculture. Those are tiny, unimpressive species that were never kept or heard of before they plagued Florida after introduction with ornamental plants. There are NO species introduced by the hobby. Millipedes were not regulated prior to 2006 and were still being imported legally.
  15. What kind of info are you looking for? If you're looking for something that adds to your background knowledge of roaches it's great. It contains a lot of interesting facts about cockroaches but it is a discussion of biology tidbits (not husbandry related) often about species you may never see.
  16. Allpet Roaches

    Hi from NC...

    A fine welcome to keepers of the greatest pets Justin! You can use monkey chow, any dog or cat food, fish pellets, etc. Anyone who tells you differently may be trying to sell you something or trying to sell something for someone else. I like Beneful for puppies.
  17. Allpet Roaches

    Gyna centurio mite problem

    It's tough to get rid of grain mites because there are probably some in your house and certainly around your house. However, it is possible to get them down to where you won't be able to find any if you look. Start with fresh substrate and only add food a day or two after every last particle of food has been eaten.
  18. Allpet Roaches

    A Cryptocercus Question for the Experts

    Did the guide tell you it will take 5 years?
  19. Allpet Roaches

    A Cryptocercus Question for the Experts

    I suggest sticking with the rotten wood.
  20. Allpet Roaches

    hello from kansas!

    Welcome! D. punctata are similar to hissers in care but it's hard to get much production. You'd probably never see 800 at once no matter how much work you put into it. It is a unique species. The D. punctata I have originally came from Roth, but maybe somebody else has something very similar.
  21. Allpet Roaches

    Please help keep the forum clean

    Please report vulgarity and trolling. Circumventing filters by posting links to overly vulgar language or pornographic sites will result in a permanent and immediate ban. Please don't let it go unnoticed and unreported.
  22. Allpet Roaches

    Dwarf white isopods vs giganteus nymphs

    I think the tomentosa would feed on dead ones but have no ability to harm healthy giganteus.
  23. You could try putting petroleum jelly only where they are chewing.
  24. Allpet Roaches

    Hi from Germany

    When will you travel to find your Loboptera?
  25. Allpet Roaches

    Porcellio expansus

    I offer a few damp areas and a few dryer areas in the enclosure.