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    homemade roach mix?

    Alright so I want to make a fancy mix for my dubias and hissers that i will be able to put in a freezer for storage. I made a mix last night consisting of a very small amount of crushed cat-food and fish flakes, small amount of banana and cucumber, orange bell pepper, small amount of clementine, broccoli, peas, corn, iceberg lettuce, and carrots. I really love preparing meals for vegetarian animals for some reason, I love feeding our sulcata at my animal science class. Now I want to have a massively varied and healthy diet, both to benefit them and to in the far future benefit my Varanus rudicolis. What sorts of fruits and veggies can I give them for a mix that will have a wide variety of vitamins/nutrients? Also what foods would you not recommend?
  2. Akuma223

    Can you co-habit species?

    I'm thinking I will house the species separately.
  3. Akuma223

    Can you co-habit species?

    Also why did it look like two of my males were bumbing uglies?
  4. Akuma223

    Can you co-habit species?

    By adding vertical height I meant by adding more climbing space via egg cartons, wood, etc. I think I might simply put the madagascars in a 10 gal instead if I get them to prevent them from eating the young dubias when they come.
  5. Akuma223

    Can you co-habit species?

    And heres the other pic - Also what is the best commercial diet to feed them?
  6. So yesterday I bought 20 adult Dubia roaches for $20 and I am wondering if it is possible/safe to house Madagascar hissing roaches with these Dubias? I ask because if I continue to add a lot of vertical space I could hold a ton more roaches and can probably get the same deal on the hissers as I did on the dubias. They have repti-bark for substrate, and I have an undertank heating pad underneath and plan to keep the surface temp in the cage around 80 F. Heres two pics of their set-up -
  7. Akuma223

    A little help...

    I hope I find her before its too late There isn't really any places I can get hissers easily and I'm trying to slowly(very slowly) get a colony started so I can feed my black roughneck monitor without having to buy annoying and stinky crickets. I've started to rather like my roaches....
  8. Akuma223

    A little help...

    Okay thats good to know. So there is no way she could be a problem? I would really like to find her...
  9. Akuma223

    A little help...

    Well what I am worried about is if she is already gravid? What is she has her young in the house?
  10. Akuma223

    A little help...

    Hey everyone, I'm new here and joined because in need Help finding a lost roach. The roach I lost was one of my female Madagascar hissing roaches about week ago and I am very concerned I will not find her. I don't know if she is gravid or not. I tore the room she was lost in apart everyday for three days and did not find her. I checked everywhere I could including under picture frames on the wall. I also put magazines on the floor around the room hoping she might try and take cover under one. My dad is pretty upset there is a roach in the house and I nearly had a panic attack when I found she was missing. I want to find her alive but we put a few glue traps in the room where it is dark hoping she would get stuck to one . If we have an infestation because of my stupidity I will hate myself.