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  1. Gambia Roach - Gyna sp. 'GAMBIA'
  2. Sundablatta sexpunctata
  3. female Catara rugosicollis Catara minor Mature male Catara rugosicollis
  4. RaZias

    Hybrid Hissers

    These are avaiable from: http://www.schaben-spinnen.de/Content/shop.php?cat=11&start=45
  5. Hemithyrsocera histrio
  6. Princisia vanwaerebecki
  7. RaZias

    Hybrid Hissers

    I am going to buy some Elliptorhina laevigata, when I will have a colony of them I will try to mate them with an Elliptorhina javanica. The project will start in January. This is a Elliptorhina laevigata:
  8. RaZias

    Elliptorhina javanica

    It´s possible that temperature has an influence over humidity. Maybe it was that the case. They gave birth like 3 weeks after buying it. The seeler was ZOO CENTRE at ebay.co.uk. He is an english seller so you can asking him in english. It´s possible that the mother roach was almost giving birth and when I putted in my vivarium it gave birth because it was time for it. So maybe the best conditions were from the buyer and not mine...it´s just a teory. http://www.zoocentre.co.uk/ https://www.facebook...302318939867173 http://stores.ebay.c...fsub=2415574013 Either you contact him by ebay or by e-mail info@zoocentre.co.uk
  9. RaZias

    Elliptorhina javanica

    Right now I have 4 species of nymph hissers separeted from adults and I have no deaths...when they were with adults there were always some dead nymphs. I think that "gut bacteria theory" is just a theory. Maybe in some species is true...but not for all of them.
  10. RaZias

    Elliptorhina javanica

    I had a transparent 80 L plastic tank full of egg crates, the humidity was between 50 % to 60 %, it seems that above 60% there were more deaths. Temperature is 20 ºC. The food was apple, carrots and cat biscuits. I only had like 10 nymphs with 18 adults, there were like 6 females and the rest males. I say "...I had..." because I stopped to use egg crates because I prefered to see them when I wanted and they were always hidden. Without egg crates they stopped reproducing.
  11. I have seen a female Javanica always in the food zone...sometime ago I have seen a hisser female doing the same. The female Javanica has found dead over the food...I guess that each time a roach passes all the day on the food zone without eating it might be a sign that it´s sick. The female Javanica seemed pregnant.
  12. I have put nymphs on a separated box (a small tight one, I can´t find tight big ones). Every time I find a nymph that escapes from the adult box I put it in the small tigh one. Until now no one has died ! Normally with adults there would always be like 2 deaths in a group of 10. I think this doesn´t support the idea that nymphs to survive need to eat the adult´s poop to get gut bacteria to survive (as said by a member). It is possible that maybe in the future one or other will die due to trauma while picking them up to clean the small box. They are doing great.
  13. I have started the known post "Internet pics of beautiful Roaches". This post has grown with the contributions of members (members indicating new flickR photos). I would like it to be pinned since it would be a shame to see it lost between all other topics. I think it is one of the few topics about gathering several images from a lot of beautiful and exotic roaches. I have seen more exotic images and I would like to put it on the topic, this means that is a topic that will always have a future in the forum. It will be the best "welcome card" to any new member.
  14. RaZias

    Barrier for baby hissers

    You can use a tupperware as a temporary tank, you just need to make micro perfurations on the tupperware cover. The cover is air tight so no problem. It works for me.
  15. Bear Grylls eating an Weta: Put in youtube " Man vs. Wild - Bear Eats an Exotic Bug " I can´t post the link...this site doesn´t allow it. Bear says that eating it tastes realy bad....and everyone knows what this guy has eaten in allow of his shows !