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  1. Twitch8604

    Elementary school "teaching"

    Sounds cool. Also sounds like you got a good plan. Just keep it fun and you will do great give them facts but keep it fun and you will be like the Bill Nye of Roaches Id talk about how only a few speices of roaches really affect humans and the others get a bad rep because of it. Sorry if my spelling and grammer suck. lol
  2. Twitch8604

    dermestid beetles

    Thanks for the reply. I seem to read alot of issuses with finding clean stock. Have you ever used your larders to clean bone?
  3. Twitch8604

    dermestid beetles

    So i was wondering if any of you keep dermestid beetles, and If you do, how so? I'm looking at them for cleaning small animal skulls and bones. I've been reading a lot on them. Would really like some input from some keepers. Thanks alot
  4. Twitch8604

    What is everyone feeding their roaches?

    I feed mine, dog food, cat food, fruits, veggies, fish flake, left over’s. Um yeah great pets they really keep me from throwing out anything. I’ve used them to clean out of jelly jars and what not too (of course I wash it when their done.)
  5. Twitch8604

    Guess who got interviewed!

    Very Cool
  6. Twitch8604

    Garden Clippings

    Has anyone tried garden clippings like tomato leave or pepper leave etc.?
  7. Twitch8604

    A Cool Domino Roach Story

    awesome story
  8. Twitch8604

    Turkistan roach infestation?

    people ban what they fear its part of the stupidity of humans
  9. Twitch8604


    Everyone talks about ivorys for this but I'm just starting my ivorys however my blatta lats seem to eat everything i throw in there. Why wouldn't they work for it? Has it been studied? I know they are considered a pest in some areas. Just questions.
  10. Twitch8604

    The Best Barriers ?

    i've used vaseline it works ok and yes it can be messy. cooking grease, spoiled and smelled bad... oil ran and made a huge mess on cleaning. the best i've used came from Aaron Pauling but he like never has it anymore. So i stay with the messy vaseline now. as far as teflon mats id be afraid of them crawling under it where its glued down, or any gaps, but i've have never tried it.
  11. Twitch8604

    freshly molted e.posticus mating

    She's a slut bonnnggg lol. For real though, it is really normal in a small colony to see this.
  12. Twitch8604

    My first hisser litter

    It really seems like it he gets pretty defensive when you move them or get near them
  13. Twitch8604

    Anyone got chameleons?

    very cool
  14. My first set of babies from them
  15. Very cool, maybe one day roach morphs like leos and ball pythons