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  1. SLE18

    Hello from Kent - England

    Hi, this forum is getting more popular in UK. Think there are four or five of us now that i know of (:
  2. SLE18


    great! cant say ive ever had one, being in uk.
  3. SLE18

    Containing German cockroaches

    If you really want Germans, put a very wide, smooth layer of vaseline at the top, and put the crotch of tights, knotted with legs cut off, over the top of the container then put the lid on. Apparently keeps the dreaded hisser nymphs in.
  4. SLE18

    Oxyhaloa deusta housing

    I don't have experience with this species, but vasaline generally works. If you have doubts, tigh the legs of a pair of ladies' tights together and cut the legs off, keeping the knot. Then stretch the crotch over the enclosure top and put the lid on. Use vasaline in a 2-inch thick line at the top, spread as smoothly as you can(old credit/iTunes cards do it well) so the tights are like a second barrier.
  5. All I can say is Good luck!
  6. SLE18

    Gnat & mite control?

    If the mites live on roaches, put them in a bag with flour and shake gently. Think thats right. Someone plz confirm.
  7. i used folded loo roll, wooden rodent cage decor that had been wrecked, and a variety of other small cardboard items i had. not natural but easily sourced and great for hiding lol.
  8. SLE18

    Wild Lobster cockroach

    Wow! Not seen that much detail before!
  9. SLE18

    Help!Escape Artists!

    Unfortunately i had to relocate my roaches before i could try it, but tie the legs of ladies tights in a knot then cut the legs off. Stretch the crotch part over then put the lid on.
  10. SLE18

    ghost mantis vs widehorn

    is that mantis sitting on the roach or fighting it? lol, so cool
  11. SLE18

    Tech question

    i've sone this. the app relies on my schools servers, which are not great.
  12. SLE18

    Tech question

    phone didnt post: thanks. was hoping it would give a clue why a new app is sooo slow, but nope.
  13. SLE18

    Tech question

    why did it do that? another pic added
  14. SLE18

    Tech question

    anyone here no what the 2 symbols next to the charge mean on my ipad? thanks.
  15. SLE18

    Are grape leaves safe for roaches?

    ive never had access to grape leaves nut mine ate the fruit and were fine. mine were dubia.