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  1. Take a look at these hybrid babies! (The parents are the bottom two, and the two on top are male hybrid offspring) Beautiful crosses between a male Tiger Hisser and a female Madagascar Hisser. I think they're really cute! Does anyone know if they would look different if the mother was a Tiger Roach, and the father was a Madagascar Hisser?
  2. I'm considering experimenting with hairspray and clear nail polish on my pinned insect collection. I'm thinking that the hairspray might help preserve color and protect against dermestid beetles and other pests, and a very thin layer of the clear nail polish might be good to use on shiny beetles and other insects with hard, shiny parts. (Sometimes my shiny pinned beetles can gather a layer of dust that dulls their color.) I'm thinking about trying the hairspray at different stages- I can try it immediately after the insect is pinned, a few days after its been pinned, or once it's completely dried out. I'm going to probably experiment with different types of insects. So what do ya think, good or bad idea?
  3. Roach community, you've always proven to be a great group of fun-loving, wicked smart, totally weird, totally awesome people. I've made a lot of great friends in this big league of bug-lovers. And now, I and another community member are asking for your help. I was diagnosed with a terrible, debilitating disease in August that very few people know anything about. Jon Barrett is currently being tested for this disease, and it's looking like he probably has it. His mother and his aunt are affected too. I am asking you, the roach-loving bucket of awesome sauce that you are, to do one little thing to help me and my friend. Please take the Lyme Disease Challenge. It is a grassroots campaign dedicated to raising awareness for the true severity of Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease is the largest epidemic in the U.S. today, and possibly the entire world. Being nature-loving bug collectors and hikers, our community is especially at risk for this disease. It has destroyed my life, and the lives of millions and millions of others. And it is incurable. Please, please help us spread awareness, and take the challenge. The challenge is already going viral, and has been taken by a large number of celebrities, the most recent one being William Shatner. You can read more about the challenge here: http://lymediseasechallenge.org/ All you have to do is take a picture or video of yourself biting a lime, say a fact about Lyme Disease, challenge three or more people on social media, and donate 10 dollars to ILADS, a charity dedicated to finding a cure for Lyme Disease and fighting for patient rights. I know it's easy to just skip past this post, and ignore… But I have hope that the Allpet roaches community will step up and show support for their suffering brethren. If you do the challenge, please, add me and Jon on Facebook (Jordan Landerman and Jon Barrett) and tag us in your post! It would mean so much to us to see an outpouring of support from our community! Thank you so much for reading this. See my story and video below.
  4. Where do you live? It seems to me that there are good doctors sprinkled around in some places, but for the most part, the whole of the medical community dismisses and denies the existence of Chronic Lyme Disease and doesn't think Lyme is that big of a deal. A friend of mine went in to her primary care doctor yesterday and updated him about her Chronic Lyme diagnosis, and showed him her positive Western Blot and culture tests taken before she started treatment and then again 5 months after. He told her that he "didn't believe in Chronic Lyme," and that all of her "odd psychiatric symptoms and physical manifestations of delusional thoughts" were because her hormones "got messed up" when she gave birth to her son 15 years earlier. He prescribed anti-depressants and sent her away. These doctors have blood on their hands. My incompetent doctors almost killed me with their negligence. My hope is that the Lyme Disease Challenge will help spread awareness to those who have no idea this is going on.
  5. My video: https://www.facebook...152&pnref=story My story: http://on-lyme.org/en/blog/item/205-jordan-s-story-lyme-infected-the-wrong-gal
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    somewhat different topic

    Technically, it's illegal to ship any live animals though USPS, including roaches. But mice are more likely to be found and confiscated. It might be easier to ask around with your friends near home. Or, if you decide to ship, get the shipment pre-approved through Fed-Ex.
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    somewhat different topic

    Would you charge for their adoption? How would you ship them?
  8. Happy birthday!!!!!!! :-)

  9. So I found a couple of these (PICTURE: http://i1086.photobucket.com/albums/j459/Inkie14/IMG_9038.jpg) running around my backyard patio at night. (I live in Central Valley in California) I think they're some kind of Ground Beetle? They're very, very fast. I've seen some people offering Ground Beetles for sale. What do people usually buy them for? Are they fun to keep? I'm thinking about breeding these (since I breed everything I can find! lol). Any tips on breeding, care, etc? Basically any information about these guys would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Can you....?

    ^oh dear
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    hello fellow nerdtologists

    Welcome! I'm an Animal Science major undergrad (I would be an Entomology major if my school offered it) studying to be an entomologist.
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    Sling scavengers?

    Yes, my tarantula slings have fed on dead roaches and crane flies that I place in their enclosure or wiggle in front of them with tweezers.
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    Hi. I'm Camden.

    Hello there! Welcome!
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    Breeding Problems, Slow Production

    It depends on what species of roach it is
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    Cockroach birthday party

    OMG That's adorable!!
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    Ceuthophilus gracilipes apalachicolae

    What a beautiful animal!!
  17. Welcome to Cockroaches Anonymous :-)
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    Has anyone tried feeding

    LOL. I imagine it would be fine? I mean, it's mostly just meat
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    Insect permits...

    Btw, there is not a single cockroach species listed through CITES. Mostly endangered butterflies. http://www.aphis.usd...sources/permits Basically, if you are importing/exporting animals to/from other countries, you need an import/export permit and need to follow regulations/laws. Whatever country you are buying from, do a little research into their specific laws. Also: http://www.usda.gov/wps/portal/usda/usdahome?navid=ASK_EXPERT2
  20. Picture 1: http://i1086.photobucket.com/albums/j459/Inkie14/IMG_9039.jpg Picture 2: http://i1086.photobucket.com/albums/j459/Inkie14/IMG_9041.jpg I saved him from ants, and now I want to raise him but I don't know what he eats. Any help with identification would be amazing! I caught it in Elk Grove, California.
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    Dubia roach smell

    Roaches don't have kidneys lol
  22. Where can I go to see a list of rules for the forum?
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    Close-up Photographs of Phidippus audax

    I've got a small "colony" of these spiders, about 30 or so individuals. I'm selectively breeding them for color and large body size. I'm currently waiting on two females to lay egg sacks.
  24. Check these guys out!! Adult Male Adult Male Adult Male Adult Male Adult Male Adult Male Adult Male