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    Reptiles, amphibians and roaches :)
  1. I've been looking for different barriers for my lobsters and red headed roaches and Vaseline doesn't seem to do the trick for me. Has anyone tried the teflon spray, silicone grease or the teflon tape?
  2. Ben0918

    Air Tight Containers?

    What brand makes a good container? I've been looking on the Internet and I haven't found any good sized containers.
  3. My lobsters and red head roaches keep escaping even when I wipe all the old Vaseline off and add a new layer. Anyone try air tight containers? And yes I will cut air holes at the top
  4. Ben0918

    Hisser and Mites

    Ok thanks guys! I'm finally getting hissers to add the my breeding collection
  5. Ben0918

    Hisser and Mites

    I'm interested in breeding Madagascar hissing roaches but I've read if you do they WILL get mites. I have reptiles so is that a concern? And is there any way to avoid the mites?
  6. what is a easy way to clean small roach bins? i use a bucket with a ton of small holes drilled out for my dubias but what can you use for smaller species like lobster babies and turkish babies?
  7. i have a colony of Red Runners (Shelfrodella lateralis), Dubias (Blaptica Dubia) and Lobsters (Nauphoeta Cinerea) and they seem to be breeding slower than my other people I've heard about. i started with 500 adult red runners and im recently in the past 1-2 months just getting babies, the dubias i have a good amount but not breeding as fast as they use to (ive had them for 2-3 years) and my lobsters i started out with 200 mixed about 2-3 months ago and not seeing too many new babies. they are all in non-see-through sterilite tubs (18 gallons) all have heating pads on 24/7 the tubs stay an average 80-low 90s, fed heavy twice a week with oranges every other feeding. what am i doing wrong?
  8. Ben0918

    Heat Question

    ok thanks! i keep all their heat pads on 24/7 so i was just checking if i need to shut them off at night but i wont now because my room does get cool especially during the winter months
  9. Ben0918

    Heat Question

    i have dubias lobster and turks so should the heat be off at night?
  10. Ben0918

    Heat Question

    Should heat be on roaches 24/7 or should it be shut off at night?
  11. Ben0918

    Humidity Problem

    How can you keep the humidity up in roach colonies? I have a small tubawear container for like sandwiches, filled with water crystals. The top is all mesh. Would this be enough humidity with a heat pad on 24/7?
  12. Ben0918

    Dry food for roaches

    I want to start making my own roach chow with white rice, dry yeast, oatmeal and coconut flakes for flavor. Anything else recommended?
  13. i have had my dubia colony of about 2 years and i was wondering what else will they eat like i know they'll eat most veggies and fruits but like what about bread and other non veggie and fruits?
  14. Ben0918

    Dubia roach housing help pls!

    i dont know if i can give an exact amount, but if you plan on breed dubias then a 11 gallon tank would be a little on the small side in my opinion. unless you have a reptile or two then yeah that would be acceptable. something like that maybe 300 adults and a bunch of babies.