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  1. Tiff_Trioxin

    Aglaopteryx gemma

    Those are nice I would love to add some to my coll es ction
  2. Tiff_Trioxin

    Another Hisser hybrid question

    P. Vanwaerebecki is not a tiger hisser it is a vibrant hisser. The true tiger hisser is Gromphadorhina Grandidieri.
  3. Tiff_Trioxin

    Periplaneta australasiae

    Thanks, I will contact Kyle
  4. Tiff_Trioxin

    Giant cave roaches

    Coconut can be toxic..it has oils that are used as cleaning products. Its really bad for them
  5. Tiff_Trioxin

    Hello from NC!

    Im from western NC. Nice to meet u. I currently keep 25 species of roach and many other animals.
  6. Tiff_Trioxin

    Oxyhaloa deusta housing

    I keep my duesta in a large locking tupperware with a small vent in the top, and a vaseline barrier. They never try to climb over it I use aspen shavings as bedding and egg crate to live on. I started with 18 in july, now I have over 130. I keep my roach room 80° to 90°f during the day and 70° to 75°f at night. They breed better if they are crowded.
  7. Tiff_Trioxin

    Choice of feeder roach

    My duesta colony reproduces very fast and they climb glass very well. I would suggest b. lateralis. They dont climb and they are born from egg cases so if you wanted to slow down the breeding just destroy any egg cases you dont want hatching. They are a small roach about the size of the duesta. I have some available for sale. Msg me if interested.
  8. Tiff_Trioxin

    Periplaneta australasiae

    I want some sooo bad
  9. Tiff_Trioxin

    Parcoblatta sp? wood roaches

    I have a mixed colony of parcoblatta species. (wood roach) 4 or 5 types. They are breeding and thriving wonderful . I keep them in a sealed container with aspen shaving bedding, water gels, roach chow and fruit or veg once a week. I heat my roach room at 85 to 90° f. Daytime. And 70 to 75° f. Nighttime.
  10. Tiff_Trioxin

    North American beauty

    The south african roach u are wondering about is. Oxyhaloa Duesta or Cape Red Head. I have a colony of them
  11. Tiff_Trioxin

    Containing German cockroaches

    I have blatta orientalis, they are awesome but males can fly. I also raise parcoblatta spexies and they are cool little roaches that have been breeding like crazy for me.
  12. Tiff_Trioxin

    Do you accept donations

    I have 21 male and 19 female adult hissers in a 10 g. And theres still room for more. They like to crowd together, just clean the tank often, they poop a lot and its mouse poop size. Lol
  13. Tiff_Trioxin

    What species and proper care?

    I have crazy color morph dubia and some of my lg nymphs look just like that. Might just be a wacky color dubia.
  14. Tiff_Trioxin

    Can I feed my roaches fresh tomatoes?

    Thank you!
  15. Tiff_Trioxin

    Dry food for roaches

    I heard coconut was bad so I stopped using it, apparantly coconut oil in the coconut acts as a natural pesticide. People eat it to detox their body of all kinds of stuff including parasites and toxins. So I dont reccomend coconut. I feed mine a dry mix of ground up low protein dog food, dried and powdered white bread, ground up vitamin rich cereals, ground up oatmeal, and a few fish flakes. They also get fruits and veg weekly. They like dried fruit as a treat too, I just pick out the coconut. Hope this helps u. Subscribe to my youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/tiffsbugsandmore