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    Roaches not eating

    Ok thanks for all the replies. I was just worried my temperature was off because it is only around 95 at the bottom where heating pad is and just about 1 inch to an Inch and a half off the bottom it drops 10 degrees. Not sure if I should add top heat or not.
  2. fernalfer

    Roaches not eating

    They are Dubia Roaches
  3. fernalfer

    Roaches not eating

    Ok i got 31 adult females and 10 adult males 50 large and 220 nyumphs to start my colony. Now i have food out Cucumbers, roach food purchased from doodlebugs website, orange slices, some collard greens and carrots. Also have the water crystals in there. Now they seem to only touch the oranges and that is it. I never see a swarm of roaches eating only 1 maybe 2 at a time. Should i be worried. Theyu are in a Rubbermaid tote with a human heating pad underneath. I used a digital thermometer and the temp at bottom is aropund 98 and when you go up an inch it is about 87 then another 1-2 inched around 80. Surface temp is 75. They seem to be all towards the bottom where it is hotter. Not sure if i am doing something wrong or maybe i should do something different in my setup? Anyu help would be appreciated.