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    Dwarf monitors, retic breeding and husbandry, roach keeping, and Fishing.
  1. bpmojo80

    Who is eating your feeders?

    They are a lot of fun. Ive kept several species and the ackies are my favorite.
  2. bpmojo80

    Who is eating your feeders?

    Argentine b&w tegu pair, red ackie trio, argus monitor, 23 T's, 7 scorps
  3. I keep mine on a coco fiber/ sphagnum moss/ cypress mulch mix.. w/ plenty of dead dried hardwood leaveson the surface. temp 80-85 humidity tropical, 70%+
  4. bpmojo80


    jumping spiders are a great captive
  5. bpmojo80


    I had the same prob. with soil mites a few months back, I removed the top of the bin and replaced with a pair of pantyhose and allowed the bin to dry out for a few days and have not been able to find any since...
  6. bpmojo80

    New feeder roaches don't seem to be eating

    I gut load my lats with gerber multigrain baby cereal and bee pollen they love both
  7. bpmojo80

    Lobster roach spill D:

    not sure if this would work for the lobsters. But when i had a similar issue with crickets, i put a few egg crates around on the floor in the room they escaped in and put a liitle dry roach chow under each and turned off the lights let it set for a few hrs and recovered alot more then i would have thought
  8. bpmojo80

    Polymorphic vs Discoid Roach

    Ive had Dubia, discoid, B. fusca, and E.posticus for my main feeder colony. E. Posticus are now my main colony. They have good size and good maturation rate for a larger roach and out produce the dubia and discoid colonies I had. B. Fusca are great too.. Dubia are good but IMO discoid, fusca , and posticus are all superior feeders...
  9. bpmojo80

    New arrivals

    This is my 1st arboreal... I think is just the start of an avic collection.
  10. bpmojo80

    New arrivals

    Finally took delivery of my 3 A. Versi slings
  11. bpmojo80

    Do isopods require dead tree leaves?

    sorry about the link. I dont know what happened . Here it is again http://www.dendroboard.com/forum/food-feeding/46452-how-i-culture-woodlice-isopods.html
  12. bpmojo80

    What do Lucihormetica do with the light?

    From what little ive seen, and read yes. However there is a lot that is not known about many roach species in the wild.
  13. bpmojo80

    Do isopods require dead tree leaves?

    http://www.dendroboard.com/forum/food-feeding/46452-how-i-culture-woodlice-isopods.html I have used this method for dwarf whites as well as dwarf striped. it may not be the most productive it is very easy and leaves are not required. i am not sure how applicable it would be for larger species.
  14. bpmojo80

    What do Lucihormetica do with the light?

    Ive seen videos of wild LV's lighting up when they where touched or otherwise molested. I believe it is to confuse or deter potential predators
  15. bpmojo80

    Introducing WC to CB roly polys?

    I would imagine there are some risks of parasites etc... but w/c iso's in my experience can be difficult to establish.