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    You've seen all my stuff, Roman... lol
  2. rockpython

    Herps as Holiday Gifts: the 5 Worst Species

    Good article! I whole heatedly agree!
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    Looking good!
  4. rockpython

    Food Items for Roaches

    I don't know of any foods that are safe for humans but not roaches... I might be wrong though. I regularly feed goldfish flakes, old fruit from the fridge, and cat kibble. I mist them every couple of days as well
  5. rockpython

    Scott's T'ranch Ranch

    I am sorry if I am breaking the rules by self promoting, but I started a facebook page that will be following a new project of mine "The T'ranch Ranch" It is a project aimed at educating people on tarantulas and other "creepy crawlies". I encourage you to please "like" my page as it will help with getting my crowd funding campaign seen. I will also be breeding T's and roaches for donation to schools, groups, and some retail outlets. Any proceeds would directly back into the ranch. Thanks for you consideration! -rockpython Scott's T'Ranch Ranch
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    Largest captive colonies?

    Lol... I certainly don' t have the largest... Between all species, I'd say it's around 600 (99% dubia)
  7. rockpython

    Largest captive colonies?

    http://entomologytoday.org/2013/10/22/cockroach-farms-catching-on-in-china/ More on the subject
  8. rockpython

    Largest captive colonies?

  9. rockpython

    Putting locks on dubia colony

    I was thinking what loosey said. They are easily enough bred... Give him 100 and cut him off.
  10. rockpython

    Air Tight Containers?

    You could stretch nylons over the top, then close the ventilated lid.
  11. rockpython

    Feeding Roaches Honey

    I throw maple in with all if mine (just for looks, really) and they slowly disappear.
  12. As always, another great read! Thank you!
  13. rockpython

    Cool Looking Hisser

    Woot! That's a nice one! Hybrids may be "bad" for some, but those cool patterns are cool by me!
  14. rockpython

    Meet Mildred, the wild caught southern IL mantis

    Well, rip, mildred may... you were a fantastic bug. May your babies live long and prosper.
  15. rockpython

    My Boy's Legacy & Extended Family

    Sorry... That sucks major donkey balls. Losing ANY animal sucks, and losing a rehab sucks even more!
  16. rockpython

    Eurycotis lixa

    Über nice!!
  17. They probably will eat the wood they are in. As far as reproduction, I am not sure. I have never tried, but from my research, some do well in captivity and some do not. As RomanBuck said, try to reproduce the environment as much as possible.
  18. I am sorry I don't know what it is, but it looks dang cool! Id treat it like any other pede, moist eco earth, wood chips, and fed fruit and fish food.
  19. rockpython

    Monarch butterfly chrysalis

    Very beautiful!
  20. rockpython

    Water Scorpion Care & Natural History

    Thanks for your responses!
  21. rockpython

    Gromphadorhina oblogonota

    Those black ones ARE FIRE!
  22. rockpython

    Water Scorpion Care & Natural History

    I have never seen on here in Minnesota. Is there any "special" places they hang out? Are they strictly water bound or are they similar to water bugs in their ability to move from a body of water to another via flight?
  23. rockpython

    B. giganteus

    He just means the "fun" is getting adults. I'd be in for buying some off you when you get extras!