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  1. rednkhunter

    Home Made Roach Chow, First Try

    This batch turned out great!!! Fed it to my Gromphadorhina portentosa and Blaptica dubia. and they loved it!
  2. rednkhunter

    Home Made Roach Chow, First Try

    Okay, so I decided to make my own Roach Food today. This will be in Gel form, so it is a good food/water source for them. ½ cups of carrots ½ cups of sweet potato ½ cups of peas ½ cups of lima beans ½ cup of yellow squash 2 Bananas 6 Packets of Knox Unflavored Gelatin Tablespoon of Bee Pollen Tablespoon of Spirulina 3 Cups of water (you can adjust to your liking) Now I did cook the Vegetables all together to help mix it all up in the blender and feed a bit to my fish ;-) I cooked the veggies until very tender and combined it with the two Peeled Bananas. Added the Bee Pollen and Spirulina supplement. Blend really well (I used the grind setting), then add the 6 packets of Gelatin I stirred the Gelatin in with a spoon first so that it would not stick to the top of the blender and sides. Blend well (used the grind setting) and the poured into a plastic food container. Then placed into the refrigerator to cool.
  3. rednkhunter

    Blaberus species

    Wow! Those are great pictures! Mine never B. dubia are so skittish that they never seem to keep still long enough for a good photo. Of coarse I don't have as good as a camera that you probably have! Thanks for sharing, and be sure to post some pics of the nymphs.
  4. rednkhunter

    funny youtube video

    Wow that was funny! I loved the Joe's apartment movie! Gosh I hope that mine will not house so many "friends" of mine.
  5. rednkhunter

    Gyna lurida

    Amazing! Those roaches are so attractive! I plan to buy some in the near future from Matt K! How long would it take to have them start producing nymphs that resemble there parents (mother right?)
  6. rednkhunter

    Substrate depth

    Perhaps you should set the mood by playing some romantic music. Bowchicabowow! LOL
  7. rednkhunter

    FYI if you are looking for egg flats

    Wow thanks for that heads up! I just bought some from a local expo from a guy that sold them to me for 12 egg flats for 5 dollars. That not a bad price is it? I figure it is only a few cents more that the folks that sell the flats from the posted website. The ones I bought were brand new and from a fellow roach lover!
  8. rednkhunter

    Live plants

    I bet roaches would at least have a little "taste" along with my darn crickets (frog food). It seems that the crickets that survive the night of the hungry mouths of my 4 RETF enjoy eating my Fittonia albivenis. Although I would find it interesting to hear what roaches might over enjoy in a naturalistic terrarium. Keep the postings coming!
  9. rednkhunter

    Wood Chips as Substrate for Hissers

    Wow beech huh? I've never seen this offered at my local pet store :-( I bet it would look nifty. I guess I just like a super clean cage cause I clean mine out like every two - three days at least. I know that is over doing it so I'm trying to cut back so not to stress out my b. dubia The gentleman that I bough my roaches from said that the nymphs enjoy burrowing in the poop when it really piles up, and even munch on it!
  10. rednkhunter

    Spirulina or Chlorella?

    Has anyone ever tried the naturose? I know Josh's frogs sell it and have heard great things about it when it comes down to feed it to fish. It looks like another supplement that someone could put into a tasty shake! Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  11. rednkhunter

    A few Malaysian Roaches to ID

    Wow! That female was beautiful! The nymphs look great as well! I hope that you find out what they are, so that I may look into them more!
  12. rednkhunter


    Thanks for that info Matt K !
  13. Okay so I know that I am not the only person wondering about if roaches can eat pumpkin and or pumpkin seeds. I am going to carve mine tonight, and want to know if it is okay if I feed my dubia pumpkin. Also, I really love to eat pumpkin seeds! I usually salt them and bake them for a yummy snack. I know that my roaches shouldn't eat the salt so I going to bake there "special" batch first. Now should I take the seed out of the 'shell' when I feed one to my colony? And is it necessary to brake them up or even make it unto a pulp? Thanks for any feed back!
  14. rednkhunter

    Things roaches in general won't eat:

    Thanks for the heads up!
  15. rednkhunter

    Hi from Texas

    Hello, I'm from Texas as well! I currently live in New Braunfels, and going to school at Texas State. What parts do you live in? I am currently breeding b. dubia, and expect some b. fusca later this week. I am breeding them for my Tree frogs. I as well want to get more exotic species of roaches, but trying to keep up with what I have.