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    Cage pests:

    I had a problem with fruit flies a while back. They were all in my hissers food, so annoying! But then we looked under my bed and found they were all in some soda cans my sister's ferret had dragged under there! So once those were trashed they slowly started dissappearing. Think the cold weather might have something to do with it, though.
  2. Android raptor

    How often do you feed your roaches?

    Not as much as I should I need to stop being so lazy. BTW, has anyone noticed how roaches tend to go for certain foods first? I know with my hissers, they tend to go straight for the carrots, then lettuce, then finally catfood. Do other species do this?
  3. Android raptor

    My origami

    I need to do diagrams, though I dunno if you can make them from stubs. They're from a square and get thick in some spots. Don't have a plan for that, unfortunately.
  4. Android raptor

    Thanksgiving food for roaches?

    Well, as we all know it's Thankgiving. I'm wondering if I can give some of the food we don't eat to my hissers, in particular pumpkin pie. I know they like pumpkins, but since the pie has other ingredients I though I should run it by you guys first Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
  5. Android raptor

    Ultimate Pokemon contest dont miss out!

    I should vote for Mew. After all, I have an army of origami Mews scattered around the house
  6. Android raptor

    Roach Jewelry

    Orin McMonigle, the poor roach may be dead but at least the tortoise is happy! As for Hermit crabs, poor things have to go through enough. Why make them suffer more by painting their shells?
  7. Android raptor

    Rhino roach babies

    Awww, they're so tiny! You gonna sell them when they're older?
  8. Android raptor

    My New Hisser Nymphs

    Awww, they're cute! I got a bunch of (mostly) nymphs in August, and they're cute but sneeky. Two apparently escaped and I found them in my old Pokemon cards of all places O_o
  9. Android raptor

    Cockroach Demand

    Maybe, though all I know is that when Hamlet and Gertrude came with me Trick or Treating with friends (long story), I got some interesting responses [/off topic weirdness]
  10. Android raptor


    Hello everyone! My name is Elizabeth. I'm still in high school, and I've had my boys Hamlet and Laertes (hissers) for almost a year now. I used to have a third guy (Sid) but he passed on to the great aquarium in the sky in January. I'm going to get a female soon (her name will be Ophelia), but I'll need a separate tank to limit breeding. As you can guess, I have them for pets and not feeders (why else would they have names and be my boys?). I'm also into animals rights and sometimes use the boys as a vehicle to teach people, especially kids, that all animals have a purpose and deserve to be treated with some dignity. I want to have a career in entomology when I'm older, but I'm terrible with things like scientific names. Anyway, that's my introduction, I'll add more if I feel like it
  11. Android raptor

    Veggie treats

    Hamlet and Laertes always get some kind of veggies with their dry cat food (usually Romain lettuce or baby spinach). Anything I could give them as a treat?
  12. Android raptor

    Why do you keep roaches?

    Besides the obvious (easy to care for, interesting) I think my boys show a lot of personality for insects. Plus they can be used to educate people, especially children, about the good of animals that aren't so cute and fuzzy.