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    Internet pics of beautiful Roaches

    Beautiful, Are any of these in the hobby.
  2. I was set up at a reptile show today and a guy comes along and asks if I accept donations. Then he hands me a large kritter keeper with several hundred hissers (easily) of all sizes. Can't say no to free bugs right, even if they are climbers. I've had hissers before and I have always wanted to set up a nice display tank for them but I never did because I don't care for climbers but I guess I'll never get a chance like this again. How many Male hissers could I put in a 10 vertical or 10 gallon hex tan? Would a dozen be too many? I'm just worried that this display might lead to more, You know bugs are like potato chips, you can't have just one. In this case just one kind. Anyway, I'm off to peruse the "enclosures" forum to maybe get some ideas.
  3. sschind

    Hisser enclosure

    As others have said, baby hisser will have no problems getting out of that. I've used aluminum widow screen instead of the tights. It holds up better IMO. Just cut it about 1/2" larger on all sides and snap the lid down on it. If you really want to be neat you can even trim it more once the lid is snapped on. The nice thing about the aluminum is that it holds its shape better and you can see through it to see where the nymphs are. With tights or nylons (As I have seen some people mention) they can hide near the top. They work but IMO the screen works better.
  4. sschind

    are there any foods bad for roaches

    Thanks. I'm thinking that is what happened. I've cleaned the bins (lost about 200 total from the 2 bins) and removed the remaining food. Lesson learned I guess, it could have been worse, there are still a couple thousand of the little buggers in there so no harm don I suppose.
  5. I know this is old and I don't have an alternative to egg crates but I do have a source for free ones. If you can find any local restaurant that does a booming breakfast business and you ask nicely you may be able to score a bunch for free. I had a cook from a local diner bring me some every time he came in. I traded a dozen crickets for anywhere between 10 and 20 flats twice a week. After I stacked up about 5 or 6 hundred of them I had to back off.
  6. On Saturday I cleaned my two dubia bins and placed the roaches into the clean bins. Saturday night I place a bunch of cauliflower leaves into the bins and today when I checked there were tons of dead roaches and a lot of cauliflower leaves left over. I haven't gone through them yet to see the extent of the die off but I have never experienced anything like it before. I know cauliflower can give of gasses and maybe that is what did them in but the bins are well vented (although they are in a roach cabinet to keep the heat in) Are there any foods that I should not feed my roaches. My colonies have been busting at the seams and they get plenty of fresh fruits and veggies (oranges work the best) and my own bug food mix that I have been using for years.