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  1. Peter Clausen

    Arizona Inverts

    Thanks a bunch, Arthroverts! 👍
  2. Peter Clausen

    Arizona Inverts

    Safety in numbers is definitely a factor down near the border we were spend the majority of the trips. Just uploaded the 8th video from the trip and will be making it visible in the next 24 hours. Here is the latest trip vid.
  3. Peter Clausen


    Instagram is so much fun, Joshua. Love it! Mine is @bugsincyberspace https://www.instagram.com/bugsincyberspace/
  4. Peter Clausen

    Arizona Inverts

    Love that you love tenebs as much as I do! I would personally take them over any Chrysina or Dynastes any day!
  5. Peter Clausen

    Arizona Inverts

    Steven Barney was out for the conference and I by chance met up with him at this very rest stop! I haven't made a trip up North in many years for D. granti. They are pretty easily sourced but certainly there is nothing compared to encountering one in the wild!
  6. Peter Clausen

    Arizona Inverts

    Saw a bunch of those and will be posting some videos of them, no doubt. Eusattus reticulatus were out in force at one spot!
  7. Peter Clausen

    Arizona Inverts

    Uploaded a new video too YouTube today. Anybody here gone bugging in Arizona?
  8. Hello. Wondering if you have any Princisia for sale? I checked your shop and it says they're out of stock, but I really only need one adult male. I'd love more, but the one male would be great. Let me know if you can spare any... and name your price. 😉

  9. Peter Clausen

    Forum Downtime

    Kinda ideas and offers guys, thanks! I'll mull these ideas over a bit. I'm just back from a week collecting in Arizona and had my appendix ripped out of me for the last two nights there after a long 2 hour drive down a very bumpy road to the closest hospital that would perform a surgery. Just kind of catching back up with things. Water heater went out today. Having a year, here.
  10. Peter Clausen

    Forum Downtime

    Sorry for the downtime. The hosting company decides to update their system but didn't tell me that I needed to change the DNS settings to make the forum work. Thanks to those who messaged me about the downtime and welcome back to the forum! Not sure why it affected Beetleforum and Roachforum, but not Mantidforum.
  11. Peter Clausen

    Goodbye for now...

    I remember when I took a break between marriages. I still had a couple bugs and I still worked on my insect photography and website, but it really took things down a few notches. I had my bugs in a storage unit for a long time. Lost a lot of things due to lack of time to get over there. Phyllium hausleithneri and P. siccifolium, to name just a few. I remember Orin saying I was the only person that ever came back. I didn't really realize I was ever gone, but I did what I had to do and I got back to what I loved when it was time. Do the same and you can count on the forum to be here when you return. I assume those Simandoa I sent you earlier this year made the cut. Too bad you don't live one state to the left. I'm hiring in September. Take care, man!
  12. Peter Clausen

    Cleaning enclosures

    Depends a little bit on the species, but mostly cleaning is something that is done for the keeper (by the keeper). The roaches can live for years in tanks that are not cleaned, but their keepers generally like things to look a bit tidier. And so, in a way, only you have the answers to your own questions and they will come through your own experience in keeping roaches.
  13. Peter Clausen

    Cat food question

    The roachandferretandsometimescatfoodsforum.com domain name is still available.
  14. Peter Clausen

    Becoming a Forum Supporter

    Thanks on behalf of all forum members to Redmont for becoming a Forum Supporter!
  15. Peter Clausen

    Becoming a Forum Supporter

    Thanks to Dactylus for becoming a new Forum Supporter!