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    Sustaining a B. Dubia Colony and not running it dry

    You are right on track w/ my question and yes my colony is doing better than I planned for. I want to know when to save them & rotate them. I'm more concerned about getting them to a super colony over time. I know that I'll be selling some and feeding some but the key is going to be preserving the colony and not only that growing it to larger numbers as well. You've got my mind thinking on that math equation I'm talking about. I'm thinking that the first harvest of nymphs .... save. Then skip a month or two's harvest and save another batch. So on and so forth. W/ the amount of females I should have this should blow up quickly to big numbers. I'll take a stab at these questions just because I like quizzes on knowledge, so correct me if I'm wrong. How often will a female breed annually? If I've done my math right w/ how many times they breed in their lifetime than it's right around 7-9? How big are their clutches? 20-30 w/ some getting as many as 40 Can nymphs be removed from adults immediatly? Yes Hope that your colony is kickin' butt too. Thanks, -Ian
  2. Can any of you guys put this procedure into a "step by step" process to get it done right ? Basically if you set up a website like many of these dealers have than you should probably be legit right? Good topic and great thread so far. -Ian
  3. Ihaggerty1313

    Collection of nymphs

    Good point on that Matt. Didn't even think of that possibility. I'm guessing on that depending on the amount of females that I have, than I would probably have to collect nymphs more frequently. I've got 1,500 nymphs that have just started molting their final molt on a daily basis. I've picked out 56 adults in one week. Probably going to be speeding up within the month as well. The adults have been transfered into a 35 gallon tub. I want to upgrade to the 54 gallon tubs when I find the ones that I like. I'm hoping I can pull anywhere between 400-700 females in the first batch of 1,000. Then I have the nursery tub w/ the other 500 babies. So hopefully I get another couple hundred out of that. BTW anyone know what the actual lifespan on B. Dubia are? I've heard that the males only last about 6 months before they are spent. I've also heard that the females live around 1 to 1.5 years. Been going by the literature on the internet. Any experienced Dubia keepers could probably set this issue straight though. Thanks, -Ian
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    Vitamins in roach diet

    I read some old posts on other boards that too much Calcium is bad for certain species of Roaches. If so what species? I think the thread had something to do w/ feeding them cricket feed since Crickets do need calcium. Just something that I've read and was wondering about. -Ian
  5. Ihaggerty1313

    Collection of nymphs

    So how often do you guys think that I should be harvesting the nymphs? Someone told me this about their discoid colony, and mind you this is the only time I've ever heard of this. He told me that he staggers cleaning and invading to get nymphs out as one of his colonies have stopped producing nymphs. Not sure what to make of this as I wouldn't think that something like that would trigger a reaction from a colony. Maybe there was another variable but he blames the invasions since Discoids are a little more high strung. I do know that Dubias really seem to careless if you are in their tub changing food, water, cleaning or pulling the adults out. They just sorta go about their business. -Ian
  6. Ihaggerty1313

    Collection of nymphs

    When up and running smoothly I'll get someone to help me take some video and post it for you guys. -Ian
  7. Ihaggerty1313

    Collection of nymphs

    When up and running smoothly I'll get someone to help me take some video and post it for you guys. -Ian
  8. Ihaggerty1313

    Collection of nymphs

    Thanks for the responses guys. Matt, I'm in the U.S. I've seen a few different ways to collect the nymphs. Both methods that you guys describe I have read about and think that they are great methods. I did just find a person on youtube who lives in Germany that empties his colony once a week into a bin w/ holes and the nymphs literally poured out. He then transfers them to another bin, so on and so forth. I guess he cuts large enough holes and just gets it done in one shot. The method that you guys speak of is more of a trickle method that I really like. Not quite sure which one I'll try if I don't try both. Don't know if I'd do this w/ Discoids or other more "shy" species of roach but for the Dubia that guy on youtube like I said had them literally pouring out of the bin. Here's the vid -Ian