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  1. Urko2013

    Bedding for Hissing roaches???

    I dont use any substrate, if you have a colony 100+ (varying ages) , it would make cleaning out a nightmare.
  2. Urko2013

    2 year old hisser colony

    Ill take one or two babies and put them in their own enclosure and see what size they grow to.
  3. Urko2013

    2 year old hisser colony

    Cheers all for input. Good points made by all. Am i right then that they wont hiss much because i see them (feeding cleaning) each day etc. Could i just ask here also, ive noticed several females with the ootheca partly hanging out of them, is this normal behaviour? http://www.roachforu...p?showtopic=474 Ahh found my answer above, well detailed post , cheers.
  4. Urko2013

    Protein supplement

    Cheers for that info, im switching from a dry dog food based feed to a good rabbit food mix (16% protein)with some butter nut squash now and again.
  5. Urko2013

    Things roaches in general won't eat:

    Isnt a good dry rabbit food mix better than dry dog food if the protein % is the same ?
  6. Urko2013

    My roach collection!

    Nice roaches. http://www.roachcolony.com/ Good company ive bought off in the UK.
  7. Ive had my hisser colony for about 2 years now and they are in a large RUB with vents 85 F and they breed well, however ive noticed since i had the original few i started with 2 years ago, most of the roaches end up as smaller adults the past few months, especially the males, the females still grow to a good size. Also im finding quite a few dead each day (while the main colony seem very healthy, they are not overcrowded) and the dead can be of varying age. They dont hiss that much but i guess thats because they are seen every day. Any thoughts on the above please. Also am i right in saying the protein they need doesnt have to be animal based ?
  8. Urko2013

    Inflated hisser females

    Thankfully i havent had that many (one or two over a year) and it seems to be adult females. Each time i thought they were expanding to have babies but each time they have bloated/inflated then died shortly after. Ive cut them open when dead as i thought they may have been pregnant but each time they have non inside. Is there a disease that can happen now and again where the hisser "inflates" ? Any thoughts please ? My colony is about 200+ and all the rest are in great health i just get this happening occassionally.
  9. Urko2013

    Anyone having problems with fresh fruit

    Cant find delete
  10. Urko2013

    Roaches for the Expo

  11. Urko2013

    Hisser loose droppings

    I started feeding dry dog food and carrots, blimey they go for carrots like wolves on a piece of meat
  12. Urko2013

    Hissers- Weird White Crust

    Not seen anything like that on mine.
  13. Urko2013

    Hissers Know Keeper

    Many thanks for that link, i was sure i wasnt just imagining them getting tame. Mine very rarely hiss too.
  14. Urko2013

    Hissers Know Keeper

    Good point, im the only one who handles them Maybe i've watched this film too much lol
  15. This might sound crazy but i think cockroaches are more intelligent that a lot of people might realise. I've only kept my colony (mainly as pets except odd ones for Pacman frog now and again) just under 2 years and i can take any of them out on my hands and they will sit there quite peaceful, its like they can recognise you. Anyone else noticed similar ?