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    the Netherlands
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    Periplaneta and the species that are still missing in my collection. http://piranha2bak.wix.com/cockroaches-exchange?fb_ref=Default
  1. Tenderness1959

    Black Periplaneta americana

    has anyone in Europe some for exchange or sale? http://piranha2bak.wix.com/cockroaches-exchange?fb_ref=Default
  2. Tenderness1959

    Blattella nipponica

    when you have enough offspring of Blattella nipponica are you willing to exchange it to a species that I have available at the moment? For example Asiablatta kyotensis. I live in the Netherlands and here is my website. http://piranha2bak.wix.com/cockroaches-exchange?fb_ref=Default
  3. Tenderness1959

    Aptera fusca care

    Dear friends, This month I will receive some Aptera fusca from Table Mountain in South Africa. Has anyone experience in how to care for them?