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  1. A unknown Periplaneta species ootheca hatched several days ago. The ootheca was found in a restaurant. I really don't know whether the babies with black and white color are Periplaneta australasiae, Periplaneta brunnea or Periplaneta fuliginosa. Because the appearance of the young nymphs of the 3 species are nearly the same. Are the young nymphs of the 3 species are really entirely the same? Or can I tell a difference between them by judging from the appearance? My favorite Periplaneta is Periplaneta fuliginosa. Now I really can't wait knowing what species they are.
  2. Chinese insect fans

    Black Periplaneta americana

    I used to catch a very dark color nymph of P.americana in my school. But when it grew up, its color turned into a common form. What a shame!
  3. Chinese insect fans

    Do cockroaches have hunting behavior?

    I found that cockroaches which live in the cities are very omnivorous species. Do they also rely on gut symbionts?
  4. Chinese insect fans

    Do cockroaches have hunting behavior?

    Thanks for all the answers from you.
  5. Chinese insect fans

    Do cockroaches have hunting behavior?

    So you meant that cockroaches are like rodents and crickets, can eat insects they meet, but don't go to find insects on purpose. Right?
  6. One of my friends said that his Macropanesthia rhinoceros ate up a moth pupa several days ago. I also read some articles on the Internet which said that cockroaches can control bedbugs by eating them. So I wonder whether cockroaches have hunting behavior or not. Or is that just because the Macropanesthia rhinoceros considered the moth pupa as a dead insect and the cockroaches can't hunt bedbugs but just eat up the dead bedbugs?
  7. Chinese insect fans

    What do you do with all the roaches?

    I always feed them to my other bugs.
  8. Chinese insect fans

    Roach Identification?

    I am not sure if it is a Periplaneta australasiae nymph or a Periplaneta fuliginosa nymph. They look similar.
  9. Chinese insect fans

    B. giganteus noises?

    Can all the Blaberus make noise like hisser?
  10. Chinese insect fans

    Can american cockroaches infest a house?

    I live in a apartment building in China and can see 1~3 Periplaneta americanas or Periplaneta australasiaes when I turn on the lights during midnight. Though they are considered as pests, I don't kill them when I see them. I love Periplaneta very much. Just my parents, they hate cockroaches very much and kill them every time when they see them. My parents always think that cockroaches are worth dying because of their pest identity. So I can't prevent my parents from killing them.
  11. Chinese insect fans

    Cockroach birthday party

    The hissers are large enough to put on a birthday hat. Nice pics. Thanks for share.
  12. Chinese insect fans

    Dorylaea orini

    Look like periplanetas. Are they belong to Blattidae family as well?
  13. Chinese insect fans

    Nymphs of Periplaneta americana

  14. Chinese insect fans

    Nymphs of Periplaneta americana