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  1. Inyanga

    Sling scavengers?

    I feed tiny slings a half a mealworm. They can and do scavenge from the cut end, easiest way to feed them.
  2. Inyanga

    Breeding and temp regulation.

    My hissers will breed under almost any conditions. Heat just speeds up the process a bit.
  3. Inyanga

    What species can reproduce asexually?

    I believe the lobster roach has been known to do it too; https://www.google.co.za/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=oVRCU4ncKYfd8gf3y4DABA#q=nauphoeta+cinerea+parthenogenetic&spell=1
  4. I have a beardie that had a bad experience with a in-hindsight too big hisser. He now flat out refuses to eat any roach but a lateralis. My other 5 will eat anything they can fit into their mouths. True story...
  5. Inyanga

    Enclosure cleaning crew?

    I use mealworms exclusively with my hissers and dubia. Seem to work real well...
  6. Inyanga

    Clean Up Crews

    Hi guys I breed hissers and dubia in South Africa, all I've ever had in my tubs are mealworms, they seem to work really well and I have another feeder available on demand...