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  1. Test Account

    Capturing/collecting roaches

    According to Bugguide, P. nivea is the only wild US species. The giant Panchlora is not nivea, but an unknown species.
  2. Wizentrop sells Lanxoblatta rudis, a close relative. I doubt Phortioeca is entering the US anytime soon; I have not heard any reports of it in Europe either (Europeans have at least one other close relative of it in captivity though)
  3. Test Account

    Help me identify these nymphs please !

    @Xenoblatta: Hisserdude has left bug-world for now http://www.roachforum.com/topic/7714-goodbye-for-now/
  4. Test Account

    Pesticide removal

    I have finally (sigh) captured a roll of window screen! Bad news: it was contaminated with plant-derived "eco-friendly" insecticide (the "ecofriendly" ones are arguably worse than the others)! After several rounds of frantic soaping, the nauseating smell of aromatic plant oils is still there. Any ideas, roachworld? Thanks in advance
  5. Test Account

    Revenge is ours

    Many thanks to @Hisserdude, @All About Arthropods, @stanislas, and countless others for making this possible
  6. Test Account

    Revenge is ours

    We are now open
  7. Test Account

    Help! Mysterious hisser deaths

    Are they overheating? Roachcrossing.com care guides say that heaters which stick to the underside of the cage may be harmful There are also anecdotes of reptiles and fish being scorched by such heaters Good luck saving the survivors! I detect no other suspicious culprits
  8. Test Account

    Dubia roach blisters?

    In beetles, deformity during molts can be caused by improper living conditions. I have seen an adult Zophobas emerge with a "water-balloon" wing very similar to the blisters Are there vegetables and fruits? You may also wish to consult roachcrossing.com Care Guides to diagnose the issue; the fellow is a seasoned expert Good luck
  9. Test Account

    DIY Modified Sterilite Gasket Tubs from Target

    @All About Arthropodssaid to me that the guy left roachworld and no longer sells things in the shop
  10. Test Account

    Identifying wood?

    Ultimate Guide to Breeding Beetles: hardwood logs have branches that are sporadic and often at 45 degree angles; pine branches grow in concentric perpendicular rings Good luck!
  11. Test Account

    Porcellio Scaber Breeding Program.

    1. Isopods are known to eat molting insects, so take the burrowing roaches out 2. Orange scaber will appear in the wild on rare occasions, and appear to be quite common in US bug shops. Hopefully others will chime in Good luck
  12. Test Account

    Native Isopods?

    I think nasatum is European though
  13. Test Account

    Do roaches know when it's feeding time?

    I think there was a research paper somewhere online that trained roaches to associate peppermint odor with sugar, so it certainly might be possible that your roaches are learning light = food. Many other insects display some ability to learn and remember as well
  14. Test Account

    Post-mating duration

    It’s actually not really much of a dumb question I never kept roaches, but post-mating connections for insects in general are highly variable and influenced by species and circumstances. With many heteropteran bugs, you can walk into their habitat and see roughly 40 to 70 percent of the adults connected at any given moment. On the other hand, a number of carabid beetles seem to have brief copulations and very little mate-guarding For roaches specifically, I suggest you visit the link I sent you in the “Mating initiation” forum post. The book says that long periods of connection is not unusual in roaches Cheers