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  1. Cariblatta lutea

    Stygnomma sp.

    Relatively easy species to breed and care for.
  2. Cariblatta lutea

    Choctella cumminsi

    I was lucky enough to see hundreds of these on a hike. Interestingly, only 6 of the ones I saw were females.
  3. Cariblatta lutea

    Platyarthrus hoffmannseggi Care?

    I keep it moist. Never kept it dry before. Also, not all wood seems to work (probably has something to do with the level of decay) but the sawdust from wood pellet has worked for me.
  4. Cariblatta lutea

    Platyarthrus hoffmannseggi Care?

    I keep mine on sawdust from wood pellets (tractor supply's wood pellet seems to work the best). You just mix it with potting soil (20 potting soil to 80 sawdust) and let it age for about a week. I keep mine on moist side. Interestingly they only seem to breed in spring time. I've had them for 3 years now and I've only see newborns pop up when the spring warmth hits.
  5. Cariblatta lutea

    Porcellio magnificus

    Hmmm....sounds like they are a lot more pain in the butt to keep than I anticipated. Quite glad I got rid of them now cause I'm using that space for Porcellio expansus, which are doing much better.
  6. Cariblatta lutea

    Porcellio magnificus

    Mine had a good mix of male and female. Ones that died were mostly small and medium sized juveniles. I actually speculated that to be a problem and removed all the big males and left only one small male one time and that still didn't stop the deaths so I stopped removing males at that point.
  7. Cariblatta lutea

    Porcellio magnificus

    I love these guys but I can't seem to keep them happy for some reason. They'd breed and grow, but I see high cannibalism rate and I occasionally find specimens that seem to have died from stress. I ended up selling away my entire colony because of this
  8. Cariblatta lutea

    Rhino roach died, please help

    Thank you for the info. Looks like I need to avoid those at all cost!
  9. Cariblatta lutea

    Rhino roach died, please help

    Can you tell me what isopod species died from algae wafers? I toss some of my algae wafers to Porcellio expansus and magnificus along with few other species but now I'm worried.
  10. Cariblatta lutea

    Paranauphoeta rufipes (ex. discoidalis)

    Are these gone from the US hobby?
  11. Cariblatta lutea

    Hormetica strumosa

    I still have mine. I saw at least 2 dozen nymphs ranging from 2nd instar to 4th so they are doing well
  12. Cariblatta lutea

    Need help with rescued emperor scorpion!

    Probably not hungry then. I have an emperor pair that only eats about once in 2~3 weeks and only eat about two adult ivory roaches per meal.
  13. Cariblatta lutea

    Bantua sp. "Namibia"

    Fingers crossed you get babies!
  14. Cariblatta lutea

    Hyporhicnoda sp. "Panama"

    Indeed Probably my 2nd fav Blaberid I own at this point I heard males live shorter.
  15. Cariblatta lutea

    A. tesselata nymphs

    They sure do get big! Some the ones I used to keep got to the size of my B. giganteus nymphs!