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  1. Cariblatta lutea

    Paranauphoeta rufipes (ex. discoidalis)

    Are these gone from the US hobby?
  2. Cariblatta lutea

    Hormetica strumosa

    I still have mine. I saw at least 2 dozen nymphs ranging from 2nd instar to 4th so they are doing well
  3. Cariblatta lutea

    Need help with rescued emperor scorpion!

    Probably not hungry then. I have an emperor pair that only eats about once in 2~3 weeks and only eat about two adult ivory roaches per meal.
  4. Cariblatta lutea

    Bantua sp. "Namibia"

    Fingers crossed you get babies!
  5. Cariblatta lutea

    Hyporhicnoda sp. "Panama"

    Indeed Probably my 2nd fav Blaberid I own at this point I heard males live shorter.
  6. Cariblatta lutea

    A. tesselata nymphs

    They sure do get big! Some the ones I used to keep got to the size of my B. giganteus nymphs!
  7. Cariblatta lutea

    Kyle getting back into business

    Did you use his old email or his new email address? He no longer responds to his old email.
  8. Cariblatta lutea

    Hyporhicnoda sp. "Panama"

    Beautiful Blaberid from Panama. Males have glossy black wings while females lack wings.
  9. Cariblatta lutea

    Blaberus giganteus "Honduras"wildtype

    It looks gorgeous!
  10. Cariblatta lutea

    Aglaopteryx gemma "Archbold Red"

    Thanks Probably one of the prettiest native species we have here!
  11. Here's a beautiful species from central FL. Their babies hatched yesterday!
  12. Cariblatta lutea

    Blaberus sp.

    Ooh....this might be a true B. parabolicus! I'd love to see these become available in the US
  13. Cariblatta lutea

    Chrysina woodii

  14. Cariblatta lutea

    Onomeris sp.

    Yep. They bred for me and now I have tiny pedelings
  15. Cariblatta lutea

    Chrysina woodii

    I won't be offering adults, but I'll likely offer some larvae up for trade if I can get them to breed for another generation