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  1. Cariblatta lutea

    Arenivaga floridensis

    The black ones are quite big for Arenivagas I'm waiting on the white ones to mature to see how big they'll get. Hoping they'll be about as big as the black ones!
  2. Cariblatta lutea

    What Roach species reproduce at the fastest rate?

    In my experience Blattella asahinai breed and grow at much faster rate. In fact, it has the fastest rate of reproduction of all the roaches I kept so far!
  3. Cariblatta lutea

    Alan's isopod thread

    Porcellio magnificus Porcellio scaber "White Out" Venezillo arizonicus
  4. Cariblatta lutea

    Euthlastoblatta gemma

    After 7 months of incubation, one of the ooths hatched!
  5. Cariblatta lutea

    Wild caught roaches

    I 2nd Hisserdude's ID. Those are undoubtedly P. virginica. All the ones in the pics are nymphs.
  6. Cariblatta lutea

    Porcellio silvestrii

    Nope. I saw orange coloration occurring in both sexes when I went to Alan Grosse's house
  7. Cariblatta lutea

    Perisphaerus pygmaeus

    Turns out it was Perisphaerus. Not Corydidarum. lol
  8. Cariblatta lutea

    Neurotoxin in Feeder Cockroaches

    Where did you hear this? The only death of a person from roach I know of was due to peanut butter allergy (roach had eaten peanut butter prior to being eaten).
  9. Here's a pic of a female (one in the center) showing its abdomen. You can see that it has white abdomen with a bit of black at the center (apparently the amount of black in the abdomen can vary from specimen to specimen).
  10. Unfortunately this species doesn't show any size difference between male and female.
  11. Cariblatta lutea

    Eurycotis improcera

    One of the species that'll soon be available on roach crossing's website
  12. Males have narrower body than females. Also, their abdomen tend to be jet black whereas females tend to have white abdomen.
  13. Cariblatta lutea

    Eurycotis improcera

    Wow, didn't know these have made it to Europe now! I keep mine on moist eco earth with few pieces of egg flats and give them dog food and fruit. It's very humid in the enclosure (probably around 70% humidity). Temp stays around 75F atm.
  14. Mine pretty much enjoy anything I throw in such as apple, carrot, cabbage, dog food, etc...
  15. Cariblatta lutea

    Eurycotis improcera

    Had some nymphs hatch out recently
  16. Cariblatta lutea

    Alan's isopod thread

    Armadillidium sp. "Montenegro" babies!
  17. Cariblatta lutea

    Alan's isopod thread

    Armadillidium granulatum Costa Rican Dwarf Purple
  18. Cariblatta lutea

    Alan's isopod thread

    Porcellionides pruinosus "orange" Porcellio bolivari Porcellio ornatus "High Yellow"
  19. Cariblatta lutea

    Alan's isopod thread

    Thanks I still have a long way to go!
  20. Cariblatta lutea

    Alan's isopod thread

    Armadillidium vulgare "Orange"
  21. Cariblatta lutea

    Alan's isopod thread

    Miktoniscus medcofi Agabiformius lentus Rhyscotus texensis
  22. Cariblatta lutea

    Alan's isopod thread

    Armadillidium maculatum Armadillidium sp. "Montenegro" Porcellionides virgatus
  23. Cariblatta lutea

    New isopods

    They are already established in the US