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  1. Cariblatta lutea

    Simandoa conserfariam

    They climb fairly well, but they can be stopped with vaseline
  2. Cariblatta lutea

    Simandoa conserfariam

    Thank you
  3. Cariblatta lutea

    Simandoa conserfariam

    Unfortunately, I can't answer those questions because I got them recently. I'm still waiting on my female to give birth.
  4. Cariblatta lutea

    Eurycotis lixa

    Indeed. It's the largest oothe I've seen from a roach (excluding Gromphadorhina)
  5. Cariblatta lutea

    Arenivaga sp.

    Thank you
  6. Cariblatta lutea

    Simandoa conserfariam

    They grow pretty fast for me. Only took about 4 months for me to raise the small nymphs into adults
  7. Cariblatta lutea

    Eurycotis lixa

    Yes Waiting on these to hatch
  8. Cariblatta lutea

    Cockroaches from New Zealand

    According to the guide book I purchased from NZ long time ago, first species is Drymaplaneta semivitta. The adult and nymph in the second part might not be a same species by the way. Nymph appears to be Celatoblatta sp. whereas adult appears to be something in different genus (maybe an undescribed Parellipsidion sp?) Last one is Platyzosteria novaeseelandiae.
  9. Cariblatta lutea

    Wood roach parthenogenic?

    Many insect species can produce infertile eggs, and roaches are not an exception. Haven't heard Parcoblatta reproducing asexually so I'm pretty sure your oothecae will never hatch.
  10. Cariblatta lutea

    Microtomus purcis

    Almost close to completing one cycle
  11. Cariblatta lutea

    The most challenging cockroach to culture

    Chorisoneura texansis. Been trying for years. Managed to get oothecae to hatch multiple times, but the nymphs won't make it past 3rd instar
  12. Cariblatta lutea

    What kind of roach is this?

    So jealous of ur finding! Wish i had A. bolliana living in my backyard. lol
  13. Cariblatta lutea

    Eurycotis lixa

  14. Cariblatta lutea

    Simandoa conserfariam

  15. Cariblatta lutea

    Gyna caffrorum

    For some reason, mine are reproducing at faster rate than G. lurida even though I'm keeping them in the same way as G. lurida. I have so many nymphs right now that during feeding time, about 3/4 of the surface of the substrate gets covered with nymphs. lol
  16. Cariblatta lutea

    Arenivaga sp.

    Found 3 oothecae today
  17. Cariblatta lutea

    Arenivaga floridensis

    Me too! Thank you so much for providing this species to me
  18. Cariblatta lutea

    Need pictures of Parcoblatta species

    Parcoblatta caudelli female carrying an ootheca