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  1. Cariblatta lutea

    Paranauphoeta rufipes (ex. discoidalis)

    Are these gone from the US hobby?
  2. Cariblatta lutea

    Hormetica strumosa

    I still have mine. I saw at least 2 dozen nymphs ranging from 2nd instar to 4th so they are doing well
  3. Cariblatta lutea

    Need help with rescued emperor scorpion!

    Probably not hungry then. I have an emperor pair that only eats about once in 2~3 weeks and only eat about two adult ivory roaches per meal.
  4. Cariblatta lutea

    Bantua sp. "Namibia"

    Fingers crossed you get babies!
  5. Cariblatta lutea

    Onomeris sp.

    One of our native pill millipedes. Turns out this genus is widespread across AL (and few other southeastern states).
  6. Cariblatta lutea

    Hyporhicnoda sp. "Panama"

    Beautiful Blaberid from Panama. Males have glossy black wings while females lack wings.
  7. Cariblatta lutea

    Hyporhicnoda sp. "Panama"

    Indeed Probably my 2nd fav Blaberid I own at this point I heard males live shorter.
  8. Cariblatta lutea

    A. tesselata nymphs

    They sure do get big! Some the ones I used to keep got to the size of my B. giganteus nymphs!
  9. Cariblatta lutea

    Kyle getting back into business

    Did you use his old email or his new email address? He no longer responds to his old email.
  10. Cariblatta lutea

    Blaberus giganteus "Honduras"wildtype

    It looks gorgeous!
  11. Here's a beautiful species from central FL. Their babies hatched yesterday!
  12. Cariblatta lutea

    Aglaopteryx gemma "Archbold Red"

    Thanks Probably one of the prettiest native species we have here!
  13. Cariblatta lutea

    Blaberus sp.

    Ooh....this might be a true B. parabolicus! I'd love to see these become available in the US
  14. Cariblatta lutea

    Chrysina woodii

    Here's a beautiful beetle from west TX. Specimens in the pics have all deceased now, but I have ~30 L3 larvae in hand.
  15. Cariblatta lutea

    Chrysina woodii

  16. Cariblatta lutea

    Onomeris sp.

    Yep. They bred for me and now I have tiny pedelings
  17. Cariblatta lutea

    Chrysina woodii

    I won't be offering adults, but I'll likely offer some larvae up for trade if I can get them to breed for another generation
  18. Cariblatta lutea

    Chrysina woodii

    Found this adult roaming on the surface in its enclosure today!
  19. Cariblatta lutea

    Odd Therea petiveriana

    Forgot to mention that I also gave fruits occasionally.
  20. Cariblatta lutea

    Odd Therea petiveriana

    I keep the substrate slightly moist but with ventilation so they get all the moisture from surroundings leaves are optional but I eventually quit giving leaves to them
  21. Cariblatta lutea

    Odd Therea petiveriana

    Raise them strictly on dog food at 85F
  22. Cariblatta lutea

    Microtomus purcis

    Yep Makes them quite attractive doesn't it?
  23. Cariblatta lutea

    Microtomus purcis

    The one without red coloration is probably another species, Microtomus luctuosus. They look nearly identical to purcis but lack the red coloration on their femur. Interestingly they seem to be able to hybridize together cause a friend of mine found several specimens in his area that looked like a mix between purcis and luctuosus, and he finds both species in that area. I keep my adults communally with a piece of egg flat. They aren't entirely communal but adults get along fine with each other as long as they are well fed
  24. Cariblatta lutea

    Microtomus purcis

    3rd generation produced some oddities; two melanistic males! Here's a pic of one For some reason its offsprings took around 6+ months to hatch.
  25. Cariblatta lutea

    Microtomus purcis

    Didn't realize I missed this comment. Sorry about that. Those should be molt since I move all my adults into bigger enclosure for pairing once they mature