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  1. 7 hours ago, Krissim Klaw said:

    Are people actually getting responses to emails at this point?

    I've been trying to order for over 6 months and put in a couple emails since he supposedly started taking orders again but am still getting the same radio silence as before.

    Did you use his old email or his new email address? He no longer responds to his old email. 

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  2. 15 hours ago, vfox said:

    I have about 15 medium nymphs so I'll give it a shot. Lol. What do you do for hydration? 

    I keep the substrate slightly moist but with ventilation so they get all the moisture from surroundings 

    23 minutes ago, Hisserdude said:

    Oh yeah, I forgot about that lol! 

    Now when you say strictly dog food, do you mean dead leaves shouldn't be offered at all? 

    leaves are optional but I eventually quit giving leaves to them

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  3. 4 hours ago, Salmonsaladsandwich said:

    The melanistic individuals are neat. Funny how some pictures on google show adults that lack the red stripes on their hind femora, yet that one has them despite everything else being black.

    Do you keep all the adults communally? Do they cluster together on bark and other surfaces like Platymeris?

    The one without red coloration is probably another species, Microtomus luctuosus. They look nearly identical to purcis but lack the red coloration on their femur. Interestingly they seem to be able to hybridize together cause a friend of mine found several specimens in his area that looked like a mix between purcis and luctuosus, and he finds both species in that area. 


    I keep my adults communally with a piece of egg flat. They aren't entirely communal but adults get along fine with each other as long as they are well fed :)

  4. On 11/15/2016 at 9:49 AM, pannaking22 said:

    You keep them in pairs in each vial when they're young? Or am I just seeing molts in a couple of the vials?

    Didn't realize I missed this comment. Sorry about that. Those should be molt since I move all my adults into bigger enclosure for pairing once they mature

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