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    Way to many <br />but plants and animals<br />i can´t limit me<br /><br />current species list<br /><br />Arthrospaera cf. brandtii 0.0.5<br />Coromus diaphorus 0.0.2<br />Proterospermomorpha sp. 0.0.2<br /><br />Archimandretta tesselata start kulture.<br />Blabtica dubia s.k<br />Elliptorhina chopardii s.k<br />Eublaberus distanti s.k<br />Eublaberus spec. s.k<br />Gromphadorhina oblongonata s.k<br />Gromphadorhina portentosa " Black " s.k<br />Gyna lurida s.k<br />Lucihormetica subscinta s.k<br />Macropanesthia rhinoceros 2.2.0<br />Princisia vanwaerebecki s.k<br />Therea granjeani s.k<br /><br />Dynastes hercules lychi 1.1<br /><br />Attacus atlas 0.0.13<br /><br />Peruphasma schultei <br /><br />Damon diadema 0.0.2<br /><br />Avicularia metallica 0.1<br />Avicularia versicolor(rød) 0.1<br />Chromatopelma cyanopubescens 0.1<br />Grammastola rosea 0.1<br />Poecilotheria metallica 0.1<br /><br /><br />Wanted list:<br />Capucina patula<br />Gyna bisannulata<br />Lucihormetica grossei<br />Lucihormetica verucosa<br />Therea petiveriana
  1. henrik

    Can you sex my Rhino?

    hi acro my shoot is a female it lacks the bumb on the head the male have i can not download pictures ether but here is a link to some pics of a sure male http://www.insect-sale.com/fr/photo.asp?ph...thia-rhinoceros looks just like my fred & barny regards henrik
  2. henrik


    Well that´s certainly not a nice thing to do and he is a pretty hungry fellow when he gets a chance he starts to chew in my finger but that could also be sweat salt they eat i have moved the males to a new home earlier today so i dont have to worry about the small ones, if i´am lucky and the mating was good
  3. henrik


    Thanks matt you are most helpful i know how you feel and when waited in 4 years for this moment you get extre nervous rather safe than sorry i say so i will relocate the males to a new bigger and better tank tommerow so he can start to dig a new home for them and move the mother after she´s giving birth Yes yes i know the roaches is a tough animal just look at the time they have been around but i still wake several times at night and have to go and see if anything have happen yet and that brings another question? does the babyes stay underground in the borrow or do they come up with the mother to feed
  4. henrik


    In case that my female rhino is pregnant, would it be wise to remove the male or should i just let him be my biggest worry is that he plow right through the babyes cheers henrik
  5. henrik

    Lucihormetica subscincta

    Thats what i´am talking about my pictures sucks i have to get a better cam but deffently one of my favorite roaches
  6. A dead male but still it´s a fine looking roach henrik
  7. henrik

    Greatings from denmark

    Thanks mate
  8. henrik

    Greatings from denmark

    Thanks Orin yes i will work very hard to do that i hope the force is strong in me and one day i will be a master cheers henrik
  9. here is a pic from my little collection my oldest pair of M.rhinoceros mating
  10. Hallo to all i´am just another mad bug/spider keeper from denmark cheers henrik