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  1. RedEarthExotics

    Tough call

    that's pretty sad. i can't imagine seeing someone being eaten by an infestation of roaches.
  2. RedEarthExotics

    male headlight roach

    i have never seen those before, definitely very cool looking.
  3. RedEarthExotics

    Eurycotis decipiens feeding vid

    Alright! That's it! I'm definitely getting some of those!
  4. RedEarthExotics

    Football Fans!

    well, i don't care for either team, but i was hoping the Steelers would win. my team is sitting at home, watching their stadium host the game! D'OH!
  5. RedEarthExotics

    Wasps and Yellowjackets

    dude, those are awesome videos! keeping wasps have NEVER been an interest of mine. I'm a big baby when it comes to them I guess. I don't mind keeping and handling large retics, but a little teeny wasp will definitely get my attention. I don't want to get stung. I'm not sure I could ever hand feed or handle one like you do, but you have got me thinking of keeping some. I have a bunch of kritter keepers laying around......
  6. RedEarthExotics

    Eublaberus sp. Comparison!

    awesome thread and pics. really helps a new guy like me to differentiate them better. i think i see some distanti in my future......!
  7. RedEarthExotics

    Clawed Frogs Mating

    nice. i think the commentary was almost as good as the vid...
  8. RedEarthExotics

    some scorps

    thanks! scorpions are my favorite inverts. they are just so menacing and pissed off looking all the time! i like mean little critters...
  9. RedEarthExotics

    Anyone grow mushrooms????????

    yuck! i can't stand the taste of mushrooms....
  10. RedEarthExotics


  11. RedEarthExotics

    What's your FAVORITE feeder roach?

    i'm sure there is a trick to it, but i don't know it...
  12. RedEarthExotics

    some scorps

    they don't seem to be any worse than the others i have. although the name "androctonus" means "man killer" !
  13. RedEarthExotics

    some scorps

    I figured you invert guys would appreciate these. These are some of my favorite scorpions... one of my two Androctonus mauretanicus one of my two Hottentotta judaicus one of my Hottentotta trilineatus
  14. RedEarthExotics

    What's your FAVORITE feeder roach?

    That was about 2 years ago, my lat colony has extinguished now. i need to start some back up for my smaller tarantulas and scorps. that's the only bad thing about dubias, they HIDE! when i feed them to my tarantulas i mostly have to use my hemostats and hold the roach for them until they grab it. with the lateralis, i didn't have this problem. oh, and on a side note....it is NOT easy putting 1000 lateralis in a cardboard box!!
  15. RedEarthExotics

    peppered roaches

    two males and two females the number before the "." are males, the number after the "." are females