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  1. pordiem

    Ironclad Beetles...

    Is Ironclad beetles something you can readily get in the US pet trade..? Cheers, pdm
  2. pordiem

    Does anyone know...

    Greetings, Does anyone know if/where you can get/buy heteropteryx dilatata and phobaeticus serratipes in the US? Cheers, pdm
  3. pordiem

    Food For Hissers...?

    I was wondering what the healthiest type of greens are for hissers. Spinach leaves, romaine, parsley, mustard, collard, cabbage? Thanks, pdm
  4. pordiem

    What Type Of Beetle...?

    Does anyone know what this beetle is? I live in Georgia & found it on my front porch this evening. I did some google searches but didn't come up with anything. Sorry the pics aren't the best, my camera phone leaves alot to be desired. Thanks, pdm
  5. pordiem

    Archimandrita tesselata...

    Cool, thanks..
  6. Greetings, What are the differences between the male & female Archimandrita tesselata? Thanks, pdm
  7. pordiem

    UTH Heat Pads..

    I read on a website that the Repti Therm U.T.H. - Mini heat pad could safely be used on plastic terrariums, just not the larger ones. I am having to use the plastic ones, since I do not have the space to keep everything in 10 gallon aquariums. I guess my questions are this: 1) Does anyone use heat pads on plastic terrariums with no issues? 2) Has anyone had any fire hazzard problems using heat pads(i am getting conflicting info on websites about thier safe use). Thanks, ~pdm
  8. pordiem


    I was checking out some millipede caresheets online & came across the suggestion of breaking up egg shells into the food as a calcium supply, or adding a cuttle bone in the tank. These methods as opposed to sprinkling the calcium powder on the salad. I never even knew millipedes needed calcium. ~pdm
  9. pordiem

    Scorpion vs Tarantula

    I am not very familiar with scorpions & have just started researching them recently. I mostly only hold my inverts during cage cleaning & for photos, but was wondering, if you take out the factor that all animals have individual personalities, would you say that an average emperor scorpion is more or less likely to pinch/sting when handled than say an average chaco golden stripe tarantula is to kick hairs/bite when handled? ~pdm
  10. pordiem

    Hisser Humidity..??

    They are in a 10 gallon aquarium with a metal screen top so ventilation is good. I have a humidity gauge stuck to the center back of the aquarium that reads the % of humidity as well as a heat gauge also. Temps maintain at 75-80 degrees. pdm
  11. pordiem


    I just noticed this abrasion or sore on the back of my tiger hisser. The skin around the area seems flaky & wrinkled in places. I do not see any parasites on him at all & he is still active. When I mist the cage daily for the past few days he has been sitting out in the open so he is getting misted directly also(not sure if this has anything to do w/this though). Anyone have any ideas what is could be or what I can do to correct it? Thanks in advance, pdm
  12. pordiem

    Hisser Humidity..??

    I have been keeping the cage humidity between a constant 50-70%, is this within normal healthy parameters? pdm
  13. pordiem

    My first "oh thats so sweet" moment

    Are there any "fun" foods you can give to hissers that they will all come out for & just tear into? pdm
  14. I am currently feeding my hissers a mix of oatmeal, dog food & fish food & a mix of green leaf lettuce & carrots. Am I giving them all the proper nutrition they require via these foods? Thanks, pdm
  15. I keep getting conflicting info on the internet. Does anyone know the actual proper humidity levels for hissers? Thanks, pdm