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  1. Matt K

    Cottony Cushion Scale

    I get them on pyrocantha plants once in a while here in Texas. I have a wide variety of plants (wife and I are avid gardeners) and that seems to be the only one they show up on. That and rarely on the pothos ivy in the house....
  2. Matt K

    Japanese roach pages

    There are alot of interesting Japanese bug websites, roaches, beetles, stick insects, and more- the Japanese find the bugs we call illegal amusing as pets. It also seems that most invertebrates are legal in Japan. As for the insignis, when you get a large enough colony of them going you certainly find "interesting" variations.
  3. I keep one end of my colony moist (20% of the bin), and the rest of it dry but moist occasionally, and I have more than I can count with no molting problems.
  4. Matt K

    Pink slipper orchid

    I found some too!! (And thought of Orins' post right away, oddly enough) Was just in the state of Maine, USA. Walking in the woods I found two color types:
  5. Matt K

    G. portentosa x G. oblongonota?

    The color alone looks like G. portentosa to me. At least my portentosa have always been roughly that color- also looks like a just-after-molt color. G.oblongata are normally dark brick red.
  6. Matt K

    10g for hissers?how many?

    Well, in something twice the size of a 10 gallon tank (plastic bin) I may have 200 large nymphs and adults, and maybe 700 small and almost medium nymphs. I would tell someone that there are 150-300 in there based on the ones readily visible, but there may be several hundred or more in there. I would say if you are counting all of them and there are 200 or so total, then no problem. But know that "200" will turn into a thousand in short order and overcrowd the tank fairly soon.
  7. Matt K

    White Eye p. americana

    Yeee oooooo uugh. I have them, but they never stop giving me the heeby-geebies, and a close up makes my skin crawl a bit....
  8. Matt K

    10g for hissers?how many?

    Most roach species we keep in the hobby seem to prefer being somewhat crowded. The number would vary by size and proportion of nymphs to adults. They can stand shoulder to shoulder as long as ther eis some room to move out of that somehow.
  9. Matt K

    better than carrots??!

    Carrots have a better nutritional value for roaches or people. I happen to like the jicama added to salads and whatnot, but the price for me is more expensive than carrots, so for less nutritional value I see no point.
  10. .... Could be a number of things, and the only way to know would have been to have a better examination of the roach just before and after its demise (at least for me to determine what was wrong with it).
  11. Matt K

    Blaberus parabolicus?

    I did somewhere around here. Photo section maybe. I'll look for it an post a link or something..... ....oh here it is on page 5 or 6 of the photogallery.... ... All four roaches were photographed in the exact same location, at the same time of day, the same distance from the camera lens, so comparison should be fairly accurate.
  12. Matt K

    Blaberus parabolicus?

    Ummm.... can't remember. I think I know, but I had mixed stories come to me from looking into that so its a little unclear. From what I can gather, Orin had the first colony in the US, but you'd have to ask him.
  13. Matt K

    Pink slipper orchid

    Awesome find! What could be better than stopping along on a trip and finding a gem... rare or unusual flora or fauna. That is really cool.
  14. Would be even MORE interesting if photos of the different genitalia per species could be posted on this forum for comparison, and the hobbiest could compare thier own personal Blaberus colony to the correct formation online....
  15. Matt K

    Blaberus parabolicus?

    Your roaches are a mess! That photo of an adult does not look like a parabolicus to me, though the pronotum in the first photo all by itself looks like a normal parabolicus pronotum detached from what may have been a normal parabolicus. But the live photo 'male'- looks discoidish or otherwise not-a-parabolicus.
  16. Could be avariety of reasons that are all normal. Just fed vs. not fed in a while. Gravid vs. not. Close to a molt vs. not (thought not in this case), excess fluid retention, to name a few. It would be most helpful if you cited the conditions in which the roach lives and when it was last watered/fed/etc.
  17. Matt K

    "Explosive Nature"

    The best way to keep up a colonies momentum is to cull, cull, and cull some more. Every handfull you take out will be replaced by another in no time.
  18. Matt K

    Stripeless Hemithyrsocera histrio

    It could possibly be diet related.
  19. Matt K

    Question about hisser colors.

    Being black is not a problem, it is probably just an occurance of the recessive 'black morph' gene. Historically some people have isolated the all black ones to form a colony of G.portentosa 'black'. When you have a colony of black ones, then you will see 'normal' colored ones pop up from time to time that need to be removed.
  20. Matt K

    Porcellio sp. colorform

    Cool. Porcellio "ivory" ? Pretty neat-o.
  21. Matt K

    Pet roach id

    As I stated on "another forum".... looks to me like a craniifer/fusca hybrid, which there have been quite a few around lately.... Many of you know me: Damn the Hybrids! rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble.....
  22. Matt K

    pure black german roach

    It would be really cool if they were developed into a black form germanica. But I hate those as well, along with N.cinerea and Periplaneta americana and P.fuliginosa.
  23. Matt K

    Vaseline falling?

    I don't apply it thick enough to be able to do that- to me that sounds like you are using too much. To help your problem, get some sand paper and scratch the area where the Vaseline goes just a couple of times- no need to actually sand it- just enough to make it slightly rough. This will help the Vaseline stay- though it may give a foothold for larger roaches. Use #60 or #40 sandpaper.
  24. This is awesome that someone timed the hatch out of a species that lays ootheca. Helpful information for many- feel free to do it for other species!
  25. Matt K

    My Eurycotis decipiens Bin

    Looks really good for making a huge number of E.decipiens. You may have to play with how much water goes onto the substrate. I would keep one end a little damp/wet, but if the egg cartons start to mold let it go dry with only misting and then resume a less-wet regimen. Really humid, not quite damp-almost-kinda-dry-ish.... my substrate looks dry on top but is otherwise obviously still retaining moisture below the top half inch. All you need to do now is wait, really. Good set up, good temps, everything in order. Soon you will see little black flat ovals cruising all around the place (new nymphs). The nymphs get banded pretty quick, and they are very attractive as they grow and get closer to maturity. ***Note: By the way, when you get that bin starting to fill with decipiens, that little orage wedge will need to be a quarter of a cantelope melon, or three carrots and an apple, or something to that effect.