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    Black/Red Light effect

    Hi Robo Roach Black light = UV-light (plus heat produced by absorption of visible light): Seams stupid to me cause it is not the best (in terms of ecology and economy) heating source and it's quite likely that roaches can see it and will feel disturbed. Besides, long term irradiation with UVA can be dangerous/harmful! The red light might do fine cause roaches don't see long ranged red light and have a reduced sensitivity towards the 'rest of the red spectrum' and therefore are less disturbed by a red bulb. In addition it's a cheaper, safer, and regarding heat a more efficient/direct* night light. *With black light a good part of the energy is transformed into heat being transduced by conduction (the bulb and its socket will heat up) and/or will irradiate in every direction whereas the heat of a red tungsten lamp will in good parts be transduced by directed irradiation (towards the roaches). Liebs Grüessli Andreas P.S. Sorry if my english is especially bad tonight but I lost my brains in the last 3 weeks of annual military service (= doing nothing useful and even that not very good)...
  2. @Keith The female looks like a common B. craniifer 'Black Wings' strain and the male like a normal B. craniifer to me! They might be a little bit larger than 'ordinary' B. craniifer, but only a little bit... Besidse: The female seem much too dark for B. giganteus, B. fusca or B. atropos syn. B. fusca and I expect hybrids to be colored somewhat in between and not like a pure 'Black Wings' and the male has the totally typical coloration & pattern of a 'normal' B. craniifer. Darker forms of B. craniifer often have much darker females than males and I've never seen another Blaberus sp. showing such a distinctive sexual dimorphism. I can't believe that they really should be such hybrids and I guess that they just look different than the original specimens because they (B. craniifer) do change color from generation to generation (my darkest 'normal' B. craniifer are now after about 10 generations of selective breeding darker than my brightest 'Black Wings')! Grüessli Andreas
  3. @ BugmanPrice I didn't say it can't happen in the nature because it doesn't in culture but something like the other way round ! My statement that hybridisation is rare in nature (and I never heard of it regarding Blaberus) means that it only lowers the 'statistical probability' of hybridisation in culture. Besides: It's just the weakest of my arguments underpinning the other ones but without much validity when used alone. My real argument is the difference in morphology mainly of male genitalia (size, shape, and 'texture')!
  4. Hi According to the male genitalia [LM Roth, 1969, Psyche 76,3] (and User Lucihormetica if I remember that correctly) it could/should be only possible within the same group. The Giganteus-group contains only B. giganteus and B. craniifer and there the size of the two species is too different to make a crossing likely. That means that B. craniifer hybrids are only hybrids of different local forms of B. craniifer and not species hybrids. Besides: I can't find a hybride on the link... This furthermore means that B. atropos syn. B. fusca could only possibly breed with species of the Atropos-group and for example B. colosseus only within the Brasilianus-group. Because several of the possible combinations shouldn't/couldn't work because of size and morphology differences (within the same group) or never occurred because at least one of the possible species is not in culture, any sort of species-hybrid in culture is wery unlikely. In addition: Several species have overlaping habitats and therefore it seems obvious that nature took precautions to omit hybridisation (well, there are several known animal and plant species showing fertil hybrids in such cases). In the german roach-forum there were users doing several trials with different species and non gave viable offspring. Grüessli Andreas
  5. Pharma

    American Cockroach

    Well... you can always do more but that not ultimately makes it simpler . You're doing well the way you keep them but I wouldn't separate the ootheca: the young ones can be kept the same like the adults and as soon as your culture starts flurishing you will loose the overview anyway . You might use a moist substrate (e.g. cocos fibers) and isopodes as dirt/fecal/food remnants remover so that you will have to clean the bin less frequent or even never. Cricket food is quite an expense... lucky roaches! You being an exterminator should know that P. americana is one of the roaches which too often is easier to keep than to omit . If you can't breed them, you for sure didn't wash your hands after using insecticides .
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    Hi Brandon Is it just a little bit chewed? Then it's likely no problem: many roaches do that (for whatever reason) occasionally and older ones often don't have intact wings anymore. If they do it like cannibals, then i) they have to few proteins (e.g. won't or can't eat the cat food) but then you should observe cannibalism in general or ii) are overpopulating or the males outnumber the females. Only loss of wings reduces their chances with females (handicapped courtship display) but 1 male is enough for 10 females and as long as a Dubia male is alive it will mate (you as a man should know that LoL )! What about starch/carbohydrates? I'd give them some cereals or similar too. If you feed them enough fresh fruits they don't need no crystals . Grüessli Andreas
  7. Hi Unfortunately 'my' good microscope has been moved to another university and I didn't had the time for dissections (of my Blaberus sp. and Archimandrita sp.) earlier... besides: I neither have an exact idea about what I'm looking for. But I'll gona try as soon as I have enough free time but then with my home microscope (a relic from a time where there were only reflex cameras). There are some interesting publications out there (from Louis M. Roth, free access, links see below) but the pics are B/W and bad resolution... would be great to have some modern colored ones available! You could PM User Lucihormetica for advice, he's doing the dissections as people like us spread butter on our breakfast toasts... but he surely preferes to talk to you (I gotta call him, I know... but the dear time plays against me.). But such a dissection can't be THAT tough (I hope), it's just some hooks and sclerotized parts of sub-millimeter size ! Links: http://psyche.entclub.org/77/77-104.html http://psyche.entclub.org/78/78-296.html http://groups.csail.mit.edu/mac/projects/p.../77/77-308.html The list might not be complete . Grüessli Andreas
  8. Pharma

    Day active species

    Shifting the day-night rhythm per se shouldn't be problematic as long as you use a week or a red (due to a reduced perception at longer wavelength) light source (and maybe red tinted box).
  9. Pharma

    Western Wood Roach?

    Thanks Orin for the enlightment! But: How should glycoproteins deter predators? Glue their mouth shot or is there anything smelly inside (which at least I as a smoker and my bearded dragons with their 'taste distortion' can't percive)?
  10. Pharma

    Good day

    Hi Bricktop Welcome back ! Cause your'e talking about me and/or Switzerland I really have to insist! - Ole is absolutely right about working here with an EU passport (has been faciliated last automn). - Either I misanderstand you or it's rubbish! The law is rigorous and it is quite difficult to get a permission to buy and especially to use a gun and we have here only few people who fancy them (in addition the assortment is small and many types are forbidden). BUT because we have a compulsory military service about every second man is called up for military service and therefore gets a military gun which is only alowed to use during the three weeks per year of military service or in a gun club (where they usually use small calibers). We have to have a tin with ammonition at home (which is only allowed to open in case of war) too. Therefore a person running amok or committing suicide could use the military weapon and ammonition but could also join a gun club, use an axe or jump in front of a train... Because everybody can keep his weapon after military service (prepared for single shot only) there are a lot of weapons in the population (ammonition is only allowed to use or 'own' at gun clubs) but there is only a small number of others and you never have the feeling that there are gun owners underway. Sure, from the few abnormal people committing suicide or shooting their family with a gun, several of them use the military weapon (but that's a minority and they obviously reproduce not that well... ). Nevertheless there are usually no people on the street wearing guns on them (except maybe a few criminals with illegal pistols and obviously the police) and Switzerland is a very safe place to live (as long as you don't f** up with some war trauma impaired immigrants wearing knifes... )! Besides: I hate having that gun at home! But now to the nice side of life! - The law for importing insects is in most countries of the EU quite lax compared to the USA, duty controls usually don't mind when sending non-declared insects and therefore roaches often cost ten times less than in the states (few cents to 1-2 $ a piece)! There are a few breeders in Germany who deliver to whole Europe (www.schaben-spinnen.de). But I don't know the Irish law... - The Blattodea culture group is sited in the UK and is THE cockroache association in Europe. Ask user Lucihormetica for further informations. - We 'only' pay about 10% federal tax and mainly 7.6% sales tax, everyone is obliged to have a health insurance (about 200$/month without additional extensions), we have a very low unemployment (even 'import' well trained workers to compensate lazy natives) and a high education and living standard (but most things cost a lot too compared to the neighboring countries) and we have cheese, chocolate and watches ... And finally some bad things: I know this roach allergy too well... My Archimandrita sp. give me this 'mosquito bit' like red dots with their feet when they crawl to often over my skin and when I have many roaches in a dry box the air in the room starts to irritate my eyes and my trachea which is caused by dust (faeces, mites, fungi spores or similar could be the reason). The best thing so far is to keep the culture small, clean, and not too dry. Oh, and I use white saw bugs (Trichorhina tomentosa) in the cultures with wet soil to omit the dust problem completely! Since I have this little helpers my allergy has nearly gone and I tolerate a stonger contact exposure. I hope that my immune systeme somewhen switches from allergy to immunity or tolerance . Liebs Grüessli Andreas
  11. Hi Max From the way you describe their "death behavior" and your food it could in my oppinion very well be intoxication due to several reasons (besides the mentioned temp. and humidity advices). - Washing fruits is often useless because pesticides are usually highly water insoluble and accumulate in the cuticula (kind of wax on the skin, easy to feel when rubbing an apple or an orange)! Common insecticides (e.g. organophosphates and pyrethroids) kill exactely the way you described it! -> Either you use organic grown fruits, use soap ( ) and a towel to rub the 'wax' off, or just peel them. - Almonds (especially the bitter but also the seet ones) contain amygdalin (a cyanogenic glycoside) which when chewed releases prussic acid (this gives almonds their typical odor ), a highly toxic substance for insects (a lot more toxic than for vertebrates). - Don't feed too much calcium, it could lead to seizures (and death?)... I observed that when I once fed high dosed calcium chloride as a trial for "functional food" for lizzards; BAD decision! (Well, due to some hungry lizzards the roaches didn't live long enough to observe death by intoxication .) - Smaller and/or younger animals often die earlyer when intoxicated (several reasons: faster metabolism; they need to eat more relative to their size etc.). If they eat each other the toxines would accumulate and finally kill the cannibals too. - Salades are often enriched in 'bad stuff' (e.g. pesticides, nitrite/nitrate) whilst being low in 'healthy constituents'. Therefore I prefere wild grown greens/leafs/herbs instead. Good luck! Andreas
  12. @Zephyr Well... I have about 25 to 30°C during daytime and 5° less in the night which I think should be OK. The problem is that I keep my roaches in the "reptile room" where I'm not willing to either lower the temp. or "outsource" the roachs (a Syrian hamster on the dinner table is enough) but non the less I think it's very unlikely that it's the temperature because then I'd expect other (Blaberus) species (and maybe nymphs) to be affected too. Do you mean YOU killed them off or they all died? In any case, I think it was a coincidence. Let me know if you are interested in the reasons for that claim (too long to write if it's not of interest ). Very unlikely in my case cause all my colonies get the same stuff and only one has this problem.
  13. Pharma

    Western Wood Roach?

    Hi Kevin No idea about the species BUT: This "fluid" (shiny bluish white jelly of glue like and sticky consistence being nearly odorless with a slight sweetish smell) I found on my dominant Shelfordella lateralis ("Turkestan roach") female at exactly the same position. The smaller "underdog" females didn't produce it (don't know anything about males cause I hadn't none). Unfortunately no one on the German roach forum could tell me what it is... I guess it contains pheromons . I'm still interested what it really is/was cause I suppose that the composition and purpose of this stuff is the same for both species. Liebs Grüessli Andreas
  14. Pharma

    Day active species

    Hi Ole My T. olegrandjeani adults are only occasionally visible during daytime which is true for many of my roaches (e.g. Eublaberus sp., Archimandrita sp., Gromphadorhina sp., Elliptorhina chopardi, Aeluropoda insignis, Princisia vanwaerebeki, and Lucihormetica sp.). Especially the hissers can be kept such that you or school children can see them permanently by using branches a bit too small to hide completely (just omit bright lights!). They sometimes gather outside their hiding places to take a sun bath (when it's cooler in the room and the sun shines at the boxes). My E. distanti can be "activated" at any time with food but only the adult ones creep and eat over ground whilst the nymphs remain in the soil and drag the food down (looks like an earthquake devouring a town in a B-movie ). My "most day active" roaches are Gyna lurida (as always only the adult ones) where approximately 10% of them is hanging around over ground during the day (even if it's a bright and shiny day). Most of them start to "swarm out" one to two hours before dusk (7 to 8 p.m.) but that might be too late for your purposes. Actually I heard of a species where the adults should be kind of sun dwelling but I forgot which one . But there are no real day active species to my knowledge... Liebs Grüessli Andreas
  15. Uhh... only my dwarf hissers have regularly more than 20. Lucky you! Might be the diet (too good to share with the offspring )? A. insignis males are about 7 cm (approx. 3.5 inch) in size and have this "cool, flat and strange" appearance, females become about 5 cm (approx. 2.5 inch) only, are more slender ( translation OK?) and don't look that much different from smaller females of Gromphadorhina sp. (in my oppinion).
  16. Hi @Matt Unfortunately the german forum semi-crashed and I can't find the tread... @Orin Any idea what it could be (even if mere speculation)? About your quote: Funny you! Hope you're joking... They're neither black! We have (meaning: keep as pets and feeder insects) 'Black Wings' being true black (see, if I'm not wrong: specimen 46 in Louis M. Roth. The Male Genitalia of Blattaria. I. Blaberus Spp. (Blaberidae: Blaberinae). Psyche 76:217-250, 1969.) which should be (or ones were) a local form/morph (obviously from America ) but most of the B. craniifer kept in Europe are a form (might also be hybrides of any kind) which is often named in the USA (from what I read on different US-sites) 'ugly brown' cause they are chocolate brown (not kind of light semi-translucent with darker markings like the forms/morphs/hybrids you usually seem to keep). Both variations I mean in color @ www.schaben-spinnen.de This dark brown is in my opinion one of the reasons why many people in the old world think that 'our' B. craniifer are hybrides (with other Blaberus-species) even though this is very difficult if not impossible (male genitalia are to different and every hybridisation trial I know about didn't work)! I admit that it is more than likely that most of the commonly kept B. craniifer are no more pure local forms. But be it as it likes: I love this chocolate brown! If you don't understand what I mean: Sue my english knowledge for it !
  17. Hi Matt You too? Dam! I have the problem each time for about one month and then about 2-3 month without... Oh, and I found out, that it's unlikely to be related to humidity cause I fed my 'peppers' to much water melon lastly and everything is covered with condensation water now: Some died yesterday and look similar BUT it's not only the adult ones. It gets really weird... I got a PM from Kay who told me that there is/was a discussion about this in a german forum. He said that thy meant if one could exclude overpopulation and phorid flies it might be something with viruses/bacteria hitting only adult ones. I'd check if I can find either the tread or ask the german 'roach guru' I. Fritzsche (isn't he registred here as 'Lucihormetica'?) who should know more (according to Kay). Gueti Besserig * Andreas * Swiss for: Hope you (or your roaches) feel better soon
  18. Hi Onagro I keep mine the same way than my other hissers. They seem to eat more vegetables and fresh food (@Matt: I wonder which of your spec. prefere what ), about the same amount of oak leafes but less cereals and 'protein stuff'. They do reproduce equally often but mine have only 5-10 'babies' compared with up to 20 from other species. About the price: Again I'm soooo happy to live in Switzerland where you can get one for "a dollar and a dime". Wish you fun with those hissers! They (or at least mine) are really funny because they do hiss a lot more and move more around than my other bigger species (only my dwarf hissers are more active). Liebs Grüessli Andreas
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    Evolution vs. Creation

    Hi Cody Your statement is quite good reading (from an literary point of view) ! The dinosaur stuff is in good parts really a lot of believing and speculation. How could one "extrapolate" the skin color from a bundle of rotten bones (OK, Temperance Brennan could... *hihi*)? Me as a scientist can't really trust in this guys... BUT your point with the missing link is quite logic in an evolutionary sense: Evolution is genetical adaptation leading to a state (e.g. lifeform) of maximum perfection in a given environment which remains quite unchanged as long as there is no need for further improvement. There were little alterations in climate for long periodes followed by quite sudden changes (typical for equilibria getting out of balance) and therefore the era of dinosaurs was long and the likelihood that some bones were pertrifyed was big. Compared to the number of dinosaus ever lived (as we guess) the number of excavated skeletons is remote. It doesn't astonish therefore that during the times of sudden changes and forced evolution (evolution can be VERY fast if necessary) only few bones could have been preserved and weren't obviously found up to date. Finding a lot of such links wouldn't match with what we supposed the past eras were. Well, one could state that the reason why there were always non to little findings for changes is that a good put his finger on earth to stop the world as it was and start something new... For thing which can only be "proven" by logics and not by hard facts there is always a possiblity to bring in a good and prove it with the bible. The same hand-waving by both parties... You believe in the bible (or that what is written in there is/was true) and accept science (as far as it can be trusted ): Good premise for a deeper discussion! - What do you mean about the fact that other cultures (with written tradition) existed well bevore Christianity (or better Judaism) and believe in a different "making of the universe"? Why should "we" be true and not the "heathens"? - The bible as THE book of god seems to me quite wrong... The bible once was an evolving process and in deed living (Christ if he ever did exist ) when it became (unfortunately) a dogma and now consists of a collection of scripts being approved by the pope/Vatican excluding other existing documents (maybe or most likely different scriptures have been destroyed and/ore removed from public access). How can one believe in such a "subjective assortment" being often mistranslated and influenced by politics? Well, the core statements are ok as an all-day guideline built on the knowledge of those days for a person living (depending on the Testament) between 1000 B.C. and 1000 A.D. and still gives some advices how to behave as a good human being (except that there seems to be no part about car racing on highways ). It's not a bad book after all but in my opinion it is quite out of date and urgently needs updating. - It is known nowadays that especially during medieval times clergy changed quite a few parts in the bible and other documents and this changes are often still approved whilst newer evidences (e.g. other scripts) or more adequate translations are rejected. Maybe a few thousand years ago there was a Word of God but it was handed down by word of mouth (and it's a fact how easy a simple sentence is falsified by doing so -> we played a "whisper" game at school to show that ) and believing in exact wording would be most likely fallacious. What is your reason why this shouldn't be the case for the bible? How do you exclude the fallibility of monks, the thirst for power of clergyman or the like? For me there is a huge difference between the bible(-s) (the 2 Testaments), believing in god, (Christian) religion, the Church and THE beginning and I can't see how to more or less rationally accommodate all this things at the common state of knowledge... But in contrast I can easily imagine that we evolved from primitive organisms and it seems quite likely that when a living form starts its existence it ultimately will lead to higher and more sophisticated organisms when given enough time. My imaginations stops at the point of how the frist primitive organism should have formed from a primordial soup (the soup itself might be realistic and can to some extent be "proven"). We nowadays know much about molecular and sub-/cellular processes but it's still only a drop in the ocean and to me it looks like we do understand less and less the more we know. That's at least true for me cause from my increasing knowledge I can decreasingly see how a messy broth of random organic matter should be able to organize itself by coincidence into a proliferating organism. But still it doesn't shifts me in a position where I'd need a god. Best regards Andreas P.S. I think that a few sentences are a literary disaster. Sorry for that!
  20. Pharma

    New Member from Berlin Germany

    Herzlich Willkommen! Do you have giant vetas besides the roaches or is it just your nick? It might be difficult to send roaches to the USA.... First I thought it'll be an easy way of getting rich because many roaches can be sold in the States for up to ten times more than here in Europe but this is because you need special permissions to do so in cases where it isn't completely prohibited (well, if you don't want to "commit a crime"...). Seems it'll be easier to deal with roaches only here in Europe . Grüessli Andreas
  21. Pharma

    How many hissers?

    Hi Matt I think you mean the subfamily Oxyhaloinae because "hisser" isn't a valide name but a rather squishy colloquial term, don't you? It is in my opinion quite stupid to use a collective for just a few genera and ignoring the whole rest even though the former have the ability to hiss (making sound with their spiracles) in common and besides originate from the same habitat (Madagascar) whilst the later don't. Common laymen seem to need something simplistic which may contradict clear destinctions, reason and logic but that doesn't really matter cause no one cares. Neither the opiate of the masses nor the "hisser"-term can be or need to be precisely clarified... *soooorry* EDIT: Due to some confusion with my formulation I'd like to add this PM-answer: Sorry if it sounds to harsh! It wasn't my intention to humiliate anyone. If you have a 'nicer sounding translation' which wouldn't be misunderstood please let me know so I can change it! What I meant is something like this: - I don't like popular names for animals/plants much because they are very confusing especially when someone uses an english term for which there is not even a german translation and/or where there are several species included. - Common names are "something simplistic" and rarely are specific because everyone should be able to use them with no regard to his/her standard of knowledge (so there can't be any strict rule for this terms). I see that it is quite important for normal live to use such names (or other simplified terms) because no one can handle every specialist term/field (Me to; as it looks I'm a layman regarding english writing rolleyes.gif ) and every one is in one or the other field a layman and most people are in at least some aspects of life 'common' and there is nothing bad about that. - This here is a roach forum and in my opinion we should use scientific names especially for species which are traded under different confusing common names (like the 'hissers'). Everyone who feels fine only with common names I call "a common laymen" in that particular item (well, for me as a Swiss-german speeking person the translation is nothing adverse) -> correct me if I'm wrong (and give me the correct engl. word please)!!
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    Oh man Orin.... They ARE bigger (at least twice...)! Females reach a good 15 mm being quite good for smaller and young geckos (especially because they walk on glas and don't hide that fast) and it's more fun and gym if the pets can hunt 10 instead of one. And yes, the Lucihormetica are real cool roaches (until you find out that the stronger males chew the feet of the weaker ones)! @Zach: Sure not in the public part... My link-list contains more or less all species easily available in Germany, for rare ones ask I. Fritzsche from the schabenforum (Orin for sure knows him cause he's one of the few real nerds).
  23. Pharma


    Hi Zach Nice to find someone from this side of the ocean ! Do you speak German (would be easier for me)? I know some good and reliable roach-traders in Germany (see below) and have some nice species myself. One which I can stongly recommend as feeder is Oxyhaloa deusta. (@Orin: they are not that rare in Europe so don't run them down again, will you? ) And Phoetalia pallida is another small & fast breeding critter whilst Nauphoeta cinerea could be somewhat critical... Grüessli from Switzerland Andreas Maybe you should have a look to this pages even if you don't understand that much German: www.schaben-spinnen.de www.lucihormetica.de www.ungezieferzucht.de.tl/Schaben--s--Cockroaches.htm www.insectpower.de/shop www.schabenforum.de
  24. Pharma

    Keeping them warm...

    Ah, you call that 'wire' heat cord... I didn't mentione that cause of lack of vocabulary. Some cheap and old ones tended to melt/burn things away but the better equipment works well and can't be set on fire. I had one for aquariums which heated constantly at 30°C (outside the water) up to its silent break-down after about 15 years of nearly permanent use! OK, that cord was one of the expensive sort but it payed out well. Anyway, I wouldn't use heat cords but heat panels because they are easier to fix on the SIDE of the roach-boxes (with mine it wouldn't work but with round bins maybe?). They shouldn't be laid underneath where they wouldn't cause a desirable heat gradient but rather a heat build-up.
  25. Pharma

    Roaches Of Africa

    Hi Bug-Chick DON'T, JUST DON'T!!! 1. 50% in advange -> bad 2. Reason for 50% is typical -> bad 3. eMail-Addi in Google -> bad 4. Trader XY@yahoo.com in Africa -> often bad OT: Ah.. okidoki (learned something today...)