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  1. hydrophyte

    65-gallon Planted Vivarium

    Thanks. My plan was for this setup to emulate a tree fall in a tropical forest with rotting wood habitat and some of the plants you would find in that kind of situation. This kind of habitat is always a good place to find insects and other invertebrates as well. I placed a particular emphasis on vining plants because many of these are characteristic of forest openings. There are also a lot of botanically-interesting vines to collect and grow. Here is a quick list with most of the plants in there... Aristolochia macroura Banisteriopsis caapi Cissus antarctica Ficus sagittata Piper sintenense Passiflora aurantica Passiflora sanguinolenta Another thing I had in mind was for the terrarium to be relatively easy care. While these vining plants can grow pretty fast, it is easy to trim them back and every time I do I have cuttings for propagation of new plants. In addition to the B. fusca I also added Porcellio dilatatus, Porcellionides pruinosus and Trichorhina tomentosa. I also recently introduced a group of Hemiblabera tenebricosa. These seem to be compatible and OK with the Blaberus so far. I link some photos to show the basic set up. The soil substrate is just a shale gravel blended with orchid bark and charcoal over an egg crate false bottom. I also have some newer photos to show the planting more grown in and I'll try to upload + link some of those as well.
  2. 65-gallon Planted Vivarium I've been meaning to start a journal thread for this project for a while... This is a 65-gallon tank I have set up as a model ecosystem vivarium for Blaberus fusca and a few other invertebrates. There are also some pretty interesting plants in there. I'll explain this with some more detail later on, but in the meantime here's a quick Instagram video to share. Every time a female B. fusca nymph ecloses as a new adult, all the males go wild with the scent of pheromones in the tank. https://www.instagram.com/p/B_DjwSMAPJ0/
  3. hydrophyte

    Phorid flies, peruvian and fusca bins??

    I once had phorids ride in with dubias from the pet store (tarantula food) and they killed off a half-dozen roach colonies. They even got into the ootheca.