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  1. ArkBlue

    Bug Chick

    My wife loves me and wouldn't tell me not to keep any bug or rep, but she ask me not get any more T's but she asked me, also I have to take care of them all.
  2. ArkBlue

    some of mine...

    Way cool pics, but names would help.
  3. ArkBlue

    Fresh molt of Eublaberus sp "White"

    well cool PM me if any one can sell me some Please?
  4. ArkBlue

    Fresh molt of Eublaberus sp "White"

    wow thats cool where did you get them from?, any one have any to sell?.
  5. ArkBlue

    What Species is This?

    Well this one is dryed it said.
  6. ArkBlue

    info on ?

    thank U Orin every one is looking good 2. Anything eles any info is helpful.
  7. ArkBlue

    Yellow there

    I posted it days apart sorry
  8. ArkBlue

    info on ?

    Well thank you for the help . I found this on them so far, 1st Gyna capucina, live bearing, didnt say anything on flying, glass climbers, didnt say about the sexing or the breeding and houseing info on just this 1. 2nd Dyna lurida, live bearing, fly like crazy & can take off from the ground, glass climbers it looks like as adults, same for the other 3 questions as with the 1st one "still looking". 3rd Eublaberus posticus, live bearer, wing biters nothing on flying, not a glass climber, same for the other 3 questions as with the 1st one "still looking". 4th Panchlora nivea, live bearer, fly well, glass climber, sexing females are bigger then the males, it didnt say any thing on the breeding, and a bucket cage. So if any one want to fill what I don't see here it is.
  9. ArkBlue

    Yellow there

    Wow I fill wellcome wahoo lucky me
  10. ArkBlue

    Yellow there

    Yellow there I am new out here and I am saying hi, I have mantids, some roaches, and reps, a dog, 3 parrots, & a wife "ha ha ha".
  11. ArkBlue

    info on ?

    Hey there I am new here and Peter told me I should try asking every one out here, so I am looking for info on some kinds of Roaches, the info is egg layer or livebearer, how well do they fly "like a little or very well", and climber or @ what stage do they climb @, sexing how do you sex them, breeding how well do tey breed, also setup how do you keep this roach?.The roaches are; (Gyna capucina)- Pink, (Gyna lurida) Porcelain, & Orange Head (Eublaberus posticus), Green Banana(Panchlora nivea)