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    Green Algae

    Algae may have some anti-appetite factors. Rats given spirillulina had reduced appetites and lost weights. Don't experiment with your roaches.
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    What do I feed my Blaptica dubia roaches.

    Dear writer; Thank you for the citations; how do I find them to read and thus get the information I and others need to optimally raise our Dubia? My experience is this: I gave my Dubia two different brands of 'Natural' cat food, one at 30% protein, one at 35% protein. The roaches ignored them. The roaches do apparently eat Bones brand of dog food which only has about %15 protein. If others are feeding their Dubia predominantly commercial brands of pet food, I request that they post exactly what brand and 'flavor' their Dubia love. It is not useful to me and other beginners who are trying to raise Dubia, to read about mixes without specific recipies. I assume that there is at least one or more commercial pet foods which can support good growth of a Dubia colony. -NinoUpte7 1)Cockroach development is closely attuned to nutritional status (Gordon 1959;Mullins and Cochran,1987)......Diets relatively high in protein produce most rapid growth (Melampy and Maynard, 1937).....Females stop or slow down reproduction until nutrients, particularly the amount and quality of the ingested protein is adequate (Weaver and Pratt, 1981;Durbin and Cochran,1985,Pipa,1985;Mullins and Cochran,1987;Hamilton and Schal,1988) Cockroaches:Ecology,Behaviour and Natural History,p.156
  3. Instead of discussing the merits of rumors, lets try to find reliable (peer reviewed or at least professionally published) scientific articles on the topic of Food and Feeding. Why? One negative outcome of feeding our roaches and unproven food might be poisoning due to external pesticides or intrinisic poisons. A little imagination will provide other possible negative outcomes. Would people please make suggestions on how we could possibly find such articles on the internet? Key words might be: cockroach +nutrition -Nino