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  1. Dubia4Life

    RIP Daniel

    I'm so sorry to hear this. RIP Daniel
  2. Dubia4Life

    Question on grubs

    Alright, thanks redmont! Right now I picked out 11 of the biggest ones (there were literally hundreds...) and I set them up with crushed oak leaves and compost with a little top soil.
  3. Dubia4Life

    Question on grubs

    All the grubs I found were in the soil.
  4. Dubia4Life

    Question on grubs

    Okay that helps a bit. I have a few pictures of some grubs that were underneath my rabbit hutch and after comparing them to other pictures and considering what species live/breed in my area I am still clueless. I did notice that a few adult cotinis beetles were found in the same exact area as these grubs... don't know if means anything though.
  5. Dubia4Life

    Question on grubs

    Hey everyone, I've been looking for ways to identify 'good' from 'bad' grubs. What I mean is: how the heck can I identify commonly kept pet species from say just your run of the mill lawn grub? I've found a couple pretty big (nowhere near as big as say a dynastes tityus larva...) grubs and a few extremely small ones but I have no idea where to identify some of them... I've tried bugguide and that wasn't very helpful. If I could figure out how to post pictures I might upload some if anyone can help identify them. thanks! -Joshua
  6. Dubia4Life

    How to catch/find scarabs?

    Btw Alex, I love your blog it's very fun and informative. Great work mate!
  7. Dubia4Life

    How to catch/find scarabs?

    Yes I believe @Hisserdude mentioned this on a previous post if I am correct. It's totally fine with me. For now I am locked out of my account on the Beetle forum (typed in my password incorrectly too many times lol.) Someone asked me if I ever found any Lucanus elaphus to send them a message. Literally five minutes later I found a dead female L. Elaphus in my backyard covered in ants... bummer... on the bright side though, I checked iNaturalist for stag beetles and found a nearby town has several observations on giant stag beetles, I might have to check that place out! Any tips on this species meaning how to find/catch one? Thanks Alex!
  8. Dubia4Life

    Peanut beetles as cleaner crews

    LOL! Isn't that what a pet essentially is though, a freeloader? Or are you like the breeders on here meaning you're a roach pimp...
  9. Dubia4Life

    How to catch/find scarabs?

    Wow... thanks for all that info man! Hopefully I'll be able to find something now lol. I'll go see what gas stations are closest to forrests/fields in my area. Thanks a ton man!
  10. Dubia4Life

    Panchlora sp. "Costa Rica Yellow"

    Wow! Those are so cool! Awesome roach man!
  11. Dubia4Life

    Drymaplaneta semivitta

    I'm sorry, I just couldn't take that statement seriously lol. Congrats mate!
  12. Dubia4Life

    Dubia Selective Breeding Project

    It's fine! That's about all I know as well lol!
  13. Dubia4Life

    Feeding roach colony while away

    That's a good point, the food could very well spoil while you're gone. But carrot doesn't seem to spoil very quickly to me, if anything it just kind of dries out on the outside and withers up. If it was humid there is a higher risk of mold I would assume. With my lobster roaches they eat the food so fast it kind of doesn't have a chance to mold. I do think they need something for moisture, such as fruit or vegetables. But water crystals would work along with dry food. To answer you're question, yes I think they need some form of food and water while you're gone depending on how long you're away.
  14. Dubia4Life

    Dubia Selective Breeding Project

    Lol, me too mate
  15. Dubia4Life

    Dubia Selective Breeding Project

    I have seen pictures of his project on here! I was very impressed with his work! I'm hoping to get several color morphs and try to isolate them as best I can. I have loved dubias ever since I was introduced to them as feeders for my reptiles, but now that I don't really have any reptiles I want to focus on making B. Dubia more attractive to the world as feeders AND/OR pets. I know selectively breeding to get 'pretty' color morphs probably won't change most people's minds about the stereotypical cockroach, BUT, I'm hoping to help maybe get rid of that stereotype and open people's mind about these humble little fellas by spreading knowledge about how wonderful they are. I'm rambling now, but that's kinda how I am Anyways, does anyone have any idea where I can look for info on genetics of roaches, for example a research paper? What about you @Hisserdude? Any ideas from anyone?