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  1. Hello everyone. I would like to discuss captive husbandry of roaches smaller than a german roach per say. In my experience I have had minimal sucess in haveing kept them alive for more than a few weeks. I have used slightly ventilated cages with "seasoned substrate"(good decomposition and spring tails) with a gradient from 85 to 72 room temp. Here are pics of species I have failed to keep alive. Here is A gamma and I managed to get this spp to have ooths "but nothing ever came of them" A species I found on a mango branch has been doing well so far. Cheers everyone.
  2. Here are some floridian roaches. it has been awhile since I posted something nice, so here are a couple new ones I am working on. PS any identificaton would be great.
  3. Alex

    Roach ID help

    I am not very sure what these are. Thank you for the help. Found in the cypress forest. I think it is this but I am a amature when it comes to proper identification http://bugguide.net/node/view/507176 This one I am not sure about aswell.
  4. Alex

    Bait for wild roaches

    Bait fish oil and molasses works well. It will attract a lot of flies too. Mango, papaya, banana, dark beer, red wine mixed in brown sugar.
  5. Alex

    Venezillo arizonicus

    That is really cool! Anything about their structure that is really cool?
  6. Alex

    Periplaneta japonica

    Sorry fellas! that is a Cuban phrase that means a few things like "lets do it!" But in this case I mean it like "Damn!!"
  7. Alex

    Periplaneta japonica

  8. Has anyone ever had the "all adult colony of roaches with minimal breeding issue?" The only remedy I have for that is to leave only 5 adult males.
  9. Alex

    Hello from the Grand Canyon State!!

    Welcome! Az is a beautiful state..
  10. Alex

    Water Crystals out of diapers?

    I am not sure if its the same crystal...but it expands when wet and turns into little dry rocks once dry. They are sold at a nursery for adding to soil.
  11. Alex

    Tiny winged adult dubias!

    Thats funny. My wife on the other hand is not funny....She said she skipped her period.
  12. Alex

    Hi from Costa Rica

    Welcome Nacho. Glad you made it over here from Ovogram. Now I can send you some free roaches. I have been to CR once...I was in Tortugero , Arenal, and Monteverde. At that tie I was more into snakes and lizards "I change my intreset every now and then" I loved catching vipers and vine snakes and did a few nose dives for those jesus crist lizards aswell...But by far the best thing was the COFFEE!!!
  13. Alex

    Water Crystals out of diapers?

    As a test I gave those to some roaches and then a few days later I froze them....When cut open they all had crystals in them....I don't use them at all.
  14. Fish meal works well....but get ready for some runny stools.
  15. Alex

    Blattodea of NY

    In NYC there is the infamous periplaneta japonica.. it's unique in the sense that it is the ice fish of roaches and can survive - temps...I think they also are active during winter and walk on snow... They are only found at High line the Manhattan park...No were else in the US have they been reported. If you went out to collect them you would be the first person in the hobby with them on this forum.
  16. Alex


    Wow those are beautiful.
  17. Alex

    Nymphs of Periplaneta americana

    I really wish we could see more of the natives from your country...China has so much to offer in terms of insects.
  18. Alex

    Studying roaches more

    How about a time lapse camera?? with a feed and heat source in view?
  19. I have tried culturing them....they are slow growers and lose their sheen when kept with other animals.
  20. Alex

    Zelus longipes "white banded" strain

    sweet dude...I will find a few of those eventually!
  21. Alex

    Euthlastoblatta gemma

    That's amazing. is it cool looking? I can go out and look for it....After I go out and catch some Broward banded milkweed assassin bugs.
  22. Alex

    Want free cockroaches?

    Just registered..but wow am I confused.
  23. Alex

    Euthlastoblatta gemma

    I have never seen them on the coast I live on the coast. The sandy scrub habitat is in the center of the state, it used to be a beach many many many years ago when the rest of south Florida was underwater that is why the native biodiversity is so much higher there than the young oolitic limestone habitat that most of the South Floridians know. A new species of semi-aquatic bee was recently described in the sand ridges. That is a big insect to go un-described for so long. Good luck Cariblatta. In hindsight I would use corkbark and coco chunks for substrate.
  24. Alex

    Euthlastoblatta gemma

    It was a slash pine habitat with short palms on the ground. I kept them at 80 with mid humidity little to no condensation on the lid. Crazy busy and that sucks....I work ft and do school pt. I barley have time for what lives with me. I only get to travel once or twice a week and that is if I am not beat from work and don't have assignments due. I want to camp out on long pine key or fakahatchee slough or the thousand islands on the southwestern coast, but that means talking my wife into going with me.