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  1. Psydeus565

    Native Isopods?

  2. Psydeus565

    What DOES eat hissers? (Population control)

    Sorry for the confusion, I didn't mean for my beardie to eat the assassin nymphs, they have venom and would not be a good mix. I have fed some I3-5 hisser nymphs to the assassin bugs now and they seem to love them. All their abdomens are quite plump from hisser guts.
  3. Psydeus565

    Hey everybody!

    Great to have you! I'm still lurking after nearly 10 years I think 😋
  4. Psydeus565

    What DOES eat hissers? (Population control)

    The smaller ones are not that tough. When my beardie was small she ate copious amounts of the babies, I don't feed the adults to her though as they don't reproduce that fast. I recently got some assassin bugs and I'm going to see if the will take to the smaller ones too.
  5. Psydeus565

    Kyle getting back into business

    Wow, quite the read. Hey Kyle, if you still read things on here, I can help out with a few species if you need replacements!
  6. Psydeus565

    Pystalla horrida

    No worries, just hoping that they spread through the hobby some more!
  7. Psydeus565

    Pystalla horrida

    Please, please make these available for purchase if you have extras! They're so seldom offered!
  8. Psydeus565

    G. Portentosa might be dying? (details + pics)

    Hrmmm, what is the humidity in your enclosure? I wonder if it might be a fungal thing entering into their feet?
  9. Psydeus565

    Escape Proof Enclosures

    It was a pain to do, but I have had an Exo-Terra cage that fits your description for the last 7ish years. It took siliconing the top shut and a few other small cracks, but it's been escape-proof for some time now.
  10. Psydeus565

    G. Portentosa might be dying? (details + pics)

    White legs is not normal in my experiences. You'll usually only find the white when a roach has freshly molted or has molted and then been injured and is still healing, while the rest of the body has returned to normal coloration. I think if it's just the legs and undersides that are white, the heat rock was probably cooking them. Hopefully things clear up without the heat rock in the tank.
  11. Psydeus565

    What am I doing wrong?

    Ah yes, protein. I hadn't though of that since I regularly add some. I use dog food in mine once a week, they love the stuff. Always a feeding frenzy!
  12. Psydeus565

    What am I doing wrong?

    By disappeared... do you mean dead? They do like to burrow into the substrate... Can you post some pictures? Also, temperate could be something to consider. And they don't need to be kept too wet, otherwise fungi can take over.
  13. Psydeus565

    Roach Crossing Status

    Hip hip hooray!! That is an incredible setup going on there. I'm envious of the collection, except perhaps the time and maintenance that must be needed to keep it going... He's a true invert lover.
  14. Psydeus565

    Lanxoblatta rudis

    I was thinking more along the line of what it resembles... The scale roach
  15. Psydeus565

    Roach Crossing Status

    Good to know! I have an invertebrate itch to scratch and he's the only one with the right stock! Thanks for the updates!