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    Maryland, US
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    Reptiles, Invertebrates. I have leopard gecko, G.oblongonota and H.tenebricosa
  1. JunQ

    Predatory mites, what to do?

    My hissers have mites on their body, but nothing happened. I think they are harmless..
  2. JunQ

    Protein supplement

    NoNo I found it. I bought a sample size dog pellet at Petsmart! That costs only $2.11
  3. JunQ

    food favorites

    I feed carrots. I fed them cucumbers yesterday, but my G.oblongonota didn't like it.
  4. JunQ

    Hemiblabera tenebricosa

    No problem at my computer.... I fixed it to imgur url.
  5. I got them from CapeCodRoaches. They are so tiny and really hard for the camera to focus them.
  6. JunQ

    Protein supplement

    Thanks for your tip! I have 6 G.oblongonota and 5 H.tenebricosa . There's PETCO and PETSMART nearby.. but I can't find any sample bags.
  7. JunQ

    Protein supplement

    Wowww.... Thank you! I'm gonna buy some dried dog..
  8. JunQ

    Protein supplement

    Is protein suppliment (like dried dog food) necessary for roaches? I feed them with dried leaves and carrots only.
  9. JunQ


    I live in Maryland and have G.oblongonota and H.tenebricosa for pets and feeders. I'm interested in creating big colony of them. I found this Forum while searching for information about H.tenebricosa