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    Reptiles, tarantulas, roaches, dogs( bordeauxs, neoploitans) cacti and succulents, fly fishing, 4x4s, tattoos, animal skulls......
  1. flytyer

    food? help!

    I offer carrots, ground up dry dog food and banana about once a week, they don't eat as much as some other species.
  2. Thanks so much for the posts, I appreciate the time you took to share the pics. RICH
  3. Awesome thanks for the info Matt ! ! !
  4. flytyer

    Matt's Roach Cultures

    Hey Matt, what plant species do you keep ? I keep fat plants or pachyforms-caudiciforms. Mostly pachypodiums, adeniums, cyphostemma and euphorbias as well. Oh and a few ficus species, any thing cool and different.
  5. Thanks, I appreciate the reply. Any special concerns with any of the above mentioned ? ie L. sub, therea, gyna or the d. paulinoi.
  6. Hi all, New to this site and looking for a few suggestions on suitable substrates for these species. Any help on suggested feeding as well. Thanks in advance. This is what I have at the moment. Lucihormetica subcincta Gyna lurida Therea olegrandjeani Therea petiveriana B. rothi B. fumigata A. tesselatta D. paulinoi And of coarse all the feeders; lobsters, discoids, dubia, latteralis and hissers RICH