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  1. ann_rob

    great display species?

    The nymps of the tesselatas hide the most of the time but the adults are to big and beautiful to hide :-) Ones they have wings(that they don't use) they become more visible.
  2. ann_rob

    Banana green

    Belgium isn't tropical at all... :-)
  3. ann_rob

    whey-proteine for roaches?

    It tasts like banana :-) Maybe I can give it together with other food so they eat it without knowing :-)
  4. Hey everybody, Just a litle info about my self.Im 26 and my hobby's are fitness and a little bodybuilding... Bodybuilders are know for their high-proteine high carbs dieets Everywere you read about giving roaches dog or cat food for the proteines. Now my question is What kind of proteines do they need because I have here a bucket of high quality whey-proteine I don't like the taste of so I thought maybe good for my roaches...It contains alot of branched chained amino acids. 100gr of this powder contains 84gr proteins...
  5. ann_rob

    great display species?

    Why not archimandrita tesselata? They are HUGE and rather slow breeders but so beautiful!
  6. ann_rob

    What's your FAVORITE feeder roach?

    My favorite feeder is B.dubia.They breed like hell. But my best breeding colonie must be G.portentosa.I started about a year ago with 20 of them and now i have started 3 new colonies. My all-time favorite feeder must be b.craniifer.They are simmular to b.dubia in housing and breeding speed but alot bigger.
  7. ann_rob

    Banana green

    How fast is fast breeding? I'm going to order a bunch of sub-adults (about 20-30) Is that enough to get me starting? Are they a possible plage?
  8. ann_rob

    Baby Food?

    I have also tried babyfood and all my roaches whent nuts for fruit mash (compote).I dont know how you say it in english but I hope everybody understands it. I have also tried babyfood but that's not a good idea...It became hard and the litle roaches got stuck in them...
  9. ann_rob

    favorite food of my B dubias

    Here is the result of my little test: they didn't liked anything!I had to trow away everything... Why I don't know. A bit dissapointing isn't it?
  10. ann_rob

    b. dubia's are getting smaller in size

    I keep them at 85°F... Do you think I keep them to warm?
  11. My dubia roaches are rather small in size now... They are only 3cm long and 1cm wide.They used to be bigger; Does anybody know why and what i can do to enlarge them? I feed them dog food , bread, baby food(powder) and all kinds of vegetables and oranges. I keep them rather warm because I have found that they reproduce faster. hope to finds answers.... Thanks
  12. ann_rob

    here's Belgium!!!

    Hey, here's an update... I have bought 2 new species 2.8.4 archimandrita tesselata 4.15.0 Gromphadorhina portentosa I am searching now for the Panchlora nivea to use them as a feeder.I think my dragons would like the flyers!
  13. ann_rob

    favorite food of my B dubias

    I used oatmeal ,dogfood and milkpowder as a base for all the places. I used always vegtables for watersource(there is still a piece of orange in the container).I have read about the cricket gel wich I bought for my spider but didn't use because he/she don't likes it. On the bottom of the container lays old bread crum but just a thin layer I'm going to take pictures so everybody can follow the changes. On this way I can test and improve my roach food before I'm going to expand my collection roaches.
  14. I just started a litle project... I took an egg-container and in each place i putted another mix of food in it. The base of the food is evrywhere the same but there's an extra ingredient or combination of ingredients in each place. Place 1 : dogfood milkpowder and oakmeal place 2 :dust from flowers(dont know the english name) and the base from place 1 place 3 : vitamineral (calcium for birds) and the base from place 1 place 4 : a combination from place 2 and 3 and the base from place 1 place 5 and 6: cricket gel(first time use for me) here is a before picture so a litle poll is posible to see wich is the favorite one... What do you think will turn out as the most popular for my roaches??? If someone has a sugestion to make my mixture even better im very intrestet greetings Rob
  15. ann_rob

    here's Belgium!!!

    Hey, I got my first hissers already It are princisia vanwaerebeki.I only got 2 but i hope i will have nymps very soon so i can keep the population big enough.... My girlfriend almost killed me when she saw them... greetings Rob