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  1. I had coco fiber in my Ben and they weren’t hatching. So I removed it and covered the screen lid with a piece of plexi glass and mist when there is no condinsation. It seems a bit stale but I have fast growing babies by the hundreds. If not a thousand.
  2. Matttoadman

    Gyna caffrorum

    Mine just started maturing a week ago. Now I mist the zoomed bugarium ands it’s an explosion of adults. It’s a race to shut the lid too lol.
  3. They are hard to sort. Super fast little buggers. I lift up the egg carton, stick a deli cup underneath and tap the carton. This normally knocks small ones down into the cup and leaves the adults. I keep mine on top of a 29 gallon tank with a screen lid housing my Blaberus fusca taking in the heat radiating from their heat lamp. I have found a few nymphs in the tank. I am sure the result of some that fell out during my first attempts at trying to sort.
  4. Matttoadman

    A. tesselata nymphs

    Really!? Mine are kept at room temperature at this time. 76 during the day 72 at night.
  5. Matttoadman

    A. tesselata nymphs

    I finally have my first adult. It’s really dark on the wings.
  6. Matttoadman

    Goodbye for now...

    Set up some lovely display tanks for your favorites and take it easy. It’s hard to enjoy something in cloudy Rubbermaid containers.
  7. Matttoadman

    Goodbye for now...

    I raised pigeons for a decade and came to the same place. The joy of keeping them left. The thought of having them was more exciting than actually having them.
  8. Matttoadman

    Kyle getting back into business

    He’s been posting a lot on Facebook recently.
  9. Matttoadman

    A. tesselata nymphs

    I received 6 in December from Orin. I think the largest was maybe 1.5 inches. I’d say that guy is 3 inches.
  10. Matttoadman

    A. tesselata nymphs

    I cannot believe how huge these are! This guy is bigger than my Eublaberus “pantanal” and my Blaberus fusca.
  11. Matttoadman

    At what point should you get Lateralis?

    I have had mine since December. So far I have only fed off males and a few nymphs. But for tarantulas and slings they are perfect. I keep mine in a hefty bin with egg cartons. It took me while to get the right humidity and temperature gradient. Now I have hundreds of nymphs. My adults are dwindling. But it appears their lifespan is months. I place a deli cup in the bottom on the bin and try to brush off feeders with a large paintbrush. Mine appear to ear carrots more than anything else.
  12. Matttoadman


    I only use lights for heat sources. I do however use actual red heat bulbs. They will swarm under the lamp. I have used normal incandescent bulbs when the reds blew and the adults will get used to the brightness.
  13. Matttoadman

    Termite Problem

    Since your in Georgia I would assume they will be using liquid or baiting. Neither will be a problem. If they tented (fumigation) it would be a problem for everything living. I live in Kentucky and we only have subterranean termites so tenting doesn’t go one here.
  14. Matttoadman

    First grain mites woohoo.

    Man they were crazy. It’s the first time I have had them in my two plus years of roach keeping. These red runners have been a challenge. First they were too dry, so I bumped the humidity and the babies came. Of course so did the grain mites. It seems there is a delicate balance in some species between heat, humidity and failure.
  15. Matttoadman

    First grain mites woohoo.

    So my pile of oats in the corner of my red runner bin looked weird. I looked down at it and it was churning. Thousands of grain mites had turned yesterday’s oats into crumbles. I had them on coco fiber with oak leaves and bark. But now it’s boring egg cartons sigh.