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    Millipedes and fungus gnats

    So I have read that fungus gnats are not uncommon with millipedes but man I’m killing a dozen wat day. Any suggestions? I have them (bumblebees) in a 2.5 gallon, several inches of coco fiber, dead oak leaves, decaying maple wood chunks, and a bit of sand.
  2. So after many months I start to see tiny white balls in my coco fiber. I’m assuming it’s a fungus. I never have seen it in my pantanals but everything else gets it. They clearly avoid those areas. Anything to be done or does that mean the fiber is ready to be changed?
  3. I had the opportunity to listen to a talk from the New Entomologist at the University of Ky. This will give you an idea of just how tough German cockroaches are. They went into several low income apartments and collected roaches. They separated out the males. Back in the apartments Kitchen floor they placed two dishes, one with wild collected males and another with males of a lab strain. Between the dishes they set off insecticide “foggers” or “bug bombs”. As expected the lab strain all died. Very few of the wild collected died. This blows my mind. They also found that the kitchen counter tops and floors after a month had the same level of insecticide as Pre fogging. So these roaches appear to be living in an atmosphere completely contaminated with insecticide long after spraying. The study was actually to see how effective total release foggers actually were....useless as all us exterminators already knew
  4. Matttoadman

    Observations from an Entomologist.

    Basically once a roach shows a resistance to a chemical, increasing the potency merely speeds up the resistance over time. The resistance begins because they get sublethal doses. It’s sort of like what we are seeing with antibiotics. Most chemicals on the market, especially over the counter are derived from a species of chrysanthemum. They contain a natural insecticide the plant uses for protection. The labs have just created their own version of them. Roaches are just about immune to it though. They have tried looking at other plant created insecticides. For example nicotine in tobacco. They however have been banned almost. They seemed to potent on bees.
  5. Matttoadman

    Observations from an Entomologist.

    Well I don’t think it’s about creating something more toxic. They usually look for another family of chemicals or a new mode of action. The problem is the companies selling over the counter. The problem is untrained individuals use chemical incorrectly and lead to the resistance. It’s all about following the label and knowing where and what to do with it. In my own observations I have found that the tiniest amount of pesticide placed in a perfect spot can crash the population. Most people have a more is better approach and make it worse. I have a saying. You can take a machine gun squirrel hunting but you still end up with a dead squirrel.
  6. Some of my observations from the “wild”. German cockroach infestations seem to appear in most instances from a few specimens or a single egg case. It’s actually quite insane to see what that can turn into.
  7. Matttoadman

    I’m back

    I’ve been gone for a while. Did I miss anything?
  8. So a year ago I gave away my colony of red runners. I had noticed for awhile there was one nymph hiding out in my Blaberus fusca tank. This roach eventually mature in to a massive female. I saw her last alive in November. It would appear that a virgin female lives much longer than productive females. It seemed like they only lived a few months.
  9. Matttoadman


    How large were they? I have found that no species of roach lives too long after they reach their final molt. Anywhere 3 months to maybe a year for some species. And males lifespans are shorter than females.
  10. Matttoadman

    green banana roaches

    On an opposite note, I remember when I use to provide pest control for a penitentiary. The basement of the facility was where al the access to the plumbing and electrical areas were. It was a constant 90 degrees and the humidity was equally as high. There were massive colonies of American roaches living there. The building was supported by concrete pillars and they would hang on these like herds of sheep. Moving as a group (not scattering)if you shown a flash light on them. The interesting thing is this area was lit 24/7. The did not hang out in the dim areas. We sprayed once a week and there were never in dead to be found. I almost think they lived solely off the dead we created. So it appears once roaches get used to a particular light cycle it is of little matter to them.
  11. Matttoadman

    I’m back

    i did discover that roaches make excellent feeders for fish. I have been feeding a flowerhorn several nymphs weekly. He was 2 inches in June and is over 6 now with a massive head. I am trying to remember how to make pictures fit on here
  12. Matttoadman

    I’m back

    I guess we are good until our individual states start banning them.
  13. Matttoadman

    I’m back

    I ventured back into the fish hobby and let my inverts simmer. Nothing new except some pantanal nymphs appeared in my Cyriocosmus elegans adult females container and ate her
  14. Matttoadman

    I’m back

    Hmmm I wonder how much is true lol
  15. Matttoadman

    Mantis questions.

    From my researching, it would appear mantis are seasonal insects. It seems you can buy mantid ootheca year round. Assuming they are viable do the hatch at the appropriate time or will they hatch earlier under certain conditions? Are there better times to buy them?
  16. So is there anything new out there on the horizon? Any new types of inverts getting ready to make a splash? Any positive changes to restrictions? I’ve been keeping inverts since 2015 and I am wanting to see what’s out there. I have 6 roach species. Roaches are fantastic. I have had three millipede species and find them difficult to keep the colony going. I’ve had centipedes and find them boring. I have had about 7 species of tarantulas and find them boring 99% of the time. Isopods are just meh. I have one scorpion and he’s ok I just wouldn’t want anymore. Reproducible, able to observe most of the animals behaviors. and preferably a predator. These are the qualities I am looking for. Would mantids and Hemiptera fit these qualifications? Suggestions please. Matt
  17. Matttoadman

    AAA's Roachy Horde

    Oh wow I missed it! Awesome
  18. Matttoadman

    AAA's Roachy Horde

    I’m pretty sure your pycnoscelus are trying to spell something out for you in the substrate....but it appears to be in Thai letters lol
  19. Has anyone had the opportunity to key out one of our hobby specimens to verify if these are one in the same? 


  20. Matttoadman

    ID these bugs found in Dubia bin

    Wow that’s a unsolicited commercial. We get the link and all.
  21. Matttoadman

    What kind of roach is this?

    Parchoblatta species (wood roach) perhaps. Just an accidental intruder.
  22. Matttoadman

    What’s new in the invert world?

    I would so trade the Kochiana, hapalopus, Cyriocosmus for some roaches. I really love my roaches. Except for the red runners. They just stink.
  23. Matttoadman

    What’s new in the invert world?

    @Axolotl, the dwarf slings are so much fun. The adults are great when it feeding time. Both my pumpkin patch and Kochiana are like trapdoor spiders. You drop in a red runner and wait for them to pop out with lightning speed and vanish again. My Cyriocosmus elegans is beautiful( id post a picture but I can’t figure out how to do it anymore.) I think she is full grown and could comfortably set on my thumb nail. However I seldom see anything beyond her legs unless I rehouse. If I had to do over I would have got a different species. So far my favorite is My Aphonopelma seemani female. She is always visible. And I was given a “ pink toe” for Christmas and it is visible and fairly active. And tough as nails. I was rehousing it this past winter and went to mist the container and grabbbed a bottle of 409 instead. ?
  24. Matttoadman

    What’s new in the invert world?

    Yes I have an adult female raised from a sling, kochianna brunnipes female, Neoholothele incei male (rip), Cyriocosmus elegans female. All very fun raising from slings. The adults however are fairly inactive.
  25. Vinegar helps. I used to live in hard water area. From time to time you would have to break down your fish tanks, soak each side in vinegar and scrape with a razor blade. However the longer time bewtween cleanings the harder the build up is to remove.