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  1. Looking right now 😦 Thank you very much @varnon, it is a great contribution!! ...and a topic in which I'm particularly interested...
  2. Hey! well... any organic substrate should be Ok (like coconut fiber) Do not use Buffalo Worms!... they will bite the ooths of Shelfordella lateralis, but springtails is completely fine if you plan to keep the substrate slightly moist. It depends on how much you use 🙂 2K nymphs would be a lot for myself (It depends on how much you need to use every time)... I mean... you could get a colony of thousands in a short time starting with 100 nymphs. They breed like crazy!!
  3. Xenoblatta


    @emmett They are too many colonies? Just to be sure... you should take them to another place while she do that ?
  4. Xenoblatta

    Pesticide removal

    Hey @stanislas... Yes, they died shortly before this picture, and some hours after offering non-pealed fruits.... ?
  5. Xenoblatta

    Are these bad?

    Could they be seeds of something you fed them? Is not rare to find Drosophila worms in organic waste inside terrariums....
  6. Xenoblatta

    Pesticide removal

  7. Xenoblatta

    Sweet chunks for Cockroaches :-P

    Exactly! I use to prepare a lot and freeze them for a lot of time... Works perfectly for me ?
  8. Xenoblatta

    Breeding Behavior in All Male Colony

    I have never had a colony with only males, but I have seen this kind of homosexual behaviour in colonies with both sexes... ?‍❤️‍? ?‍❤️‍?
  9. Xenoblatta

    tree leaves as food

    I use to feed my roaches leaves and flowers of Hibiscus spp. They love it. ?
  10. Xenoblatta

    Help me identify these nymphs please !

    Wow... Thank you @Test Account I'm sorry I didn't read it before ? I get it... I hope he gets better and come back around here...
  11. Xenoblatta

    Help me identify these nymphs please !

    I'm not good with hissers... ? Maybe @Hisserdude can tell you?
  12. Xenoblatta

    Pesticide removal

    Wow! I'm so sorry @Test Account I have lost insects for those horrible pesticides already... Maybe cleaning with vinegar + sodium bicarbonate diluted in some water? Is what I use to eliminate pesticides in the fruits before offer to my roaches... ?
  13. Very good point... I have noticed the same in some cases. At least in large populations of B.dubia and N.cinerea I've seen is because they may increase the temperature of the colony just because their own activity... which may give them an additional impulse. ?
  14. Xenoblatta

    Hyporhicnoda reflexa

    Those are pretty nice ? How it's been your experience of breeding H.reflexa? Do they breed well for you? ?
  15. Xenoblatta

    Any roach species you mix?

    Well... I'm not sure species of Eublaberus could hibridize, but neither I'm sure they couldn't ? B.dubia + E.posticus + some other non-climbers like Shelfordella lateralis or Pycnoscelus femapterus (Only adult males are climbers) sounds good for a gutload container :-)