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    Herps/Roaches/Arachnids/Crustations/Beatles/True Bugs, <br />in short if it crawls or slithers i Like It.
  1. hay thank you very much for the B-Day wish...

  2. DLPBugs

    Collecting in my area.

    dang hisserman that must be a big bummer bro, i think i would loose my mind if could not step outside and find some critters. . .
  3. DLPBugs


    hay Beazer welcome & whats up? are you the same Beazer on Tegu Talk?
  4. DLPBugs

    New Beardie

    Very Nice Looking Dragon Peter. what type is it? as in color morph. me and my wife are torn between dragons and tegu's so we keep both lol...
  5. Nothing much... You seem to know alot. Have a species list?

  6. man talk about coooool, Ill ask My friend Roland in SA. about them and see what he says...
  7. hay man whats up, and thanks for the shout.

  8. Hi from the triops forum!

  9. DLPBugs

    Wasps and Yellowjackets

    well bummer on the thread wasps maybe i will go with: Polistes exclamans arizonicus, Or Dasymutilla magnifica, but i would really like to keep is Pepsis formosa, but i need to do more Research... Yes i Love My Native AZ. Species...
  10. DLPBugs

    Wasps and Yellowjackets

    Very Nice Indeed Vulgaris thanks, I was thinking on trying my luck with some thread-waisted wasp any tips...
  11. DLPBugs


    Very Nice Indeed, I To Would Be Interested In This...
  12. DLPBugs

    What's your FAVORITE feeder roach?

    well hisserman i think because they are an invasive species here in AZ. they tacked on the Linnaeus part... lol
  13. DLPBugs

    some scorps

    lol menacing in looks yes, i am relay into scorpions/arachnids and centipedes...
  14. DLPBugs

    What's your FAVORITE feeder roach?

    Personally... I like B. dubia as a feeder, but the reality is my critters like the Blatta orientalis Linnaeus better, i hope thats the right name...