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  1. histrio

    Favorite species?

    all hemithyrsocera spp. ( forum pseudonym ) very colored, visible all the day if box is well thinking:
  2. histrio

    hisser size

    no, it's me when i have copied the text....lol...
  3. histrio

    hisser size

    hi , i'm looking for the most big hisser in the hobby, I have found this : Gromphadorhina grandidieri 45 à 70cm G. G portentosa de 45 à 88cm G. picea de 53 à 85cm Elliptorhina chopardi 36 à 44cm E. brunneri 35 à 47cm E. javanica 35 à 50cm E laevigata 58 à 70CM Princisia vanwaerebeki 56 à 100cm voire davantage (or more) These informations comes from a great french institut who study insect and environment, but someone has ever see a cockroach with a size around 10cm?
  4. histrio

    Culturing Luridiblatta trivittata

    impressiv post and breeding informations... nice sp ....
  5. histrio

    Anallacta methanoides

    effectively, his elves don't breed this sp...... Quality requires ...
  6. histrio

    Anallacta methanoides

    nice....,and "santacockroach" has said me that you must take a look this week in letterbox ;-)
  7. histrio

    Some of my cockroaches

    they are difficult to breed...many breeders in europe have lost their colony after many cycle...without to understand why.... but when they have good conditions , you could have quickly 200 pcs from 10 pcs...... hope for you that it finally become common in US breeding...
  8. parcoblatta fulvescens for me... a pest....or anallacta methanoides....pest too....
  9. hi, I'll received in 2 weeks, these 2 spp. I'm looking for guys who breed them or has lost them.... I would to find the good conditions and eventually the bad conditions (to not give the same). i'm interessed by T°c, substrat and height of substrate, humidity, food, and all else that could help me. thx
  10. histrio

    Drymaplaneta semivitta

    i think too that's good conditions ... my adults fix the ooths near the ventilation and on the ventilation....and at night, all the babies hang on the air vents of the lid ... hope that yours stay alive and become adults and give an another generation ...
  11. histrio

    Drymaplaneta semivitta

    ok...I'm trying with less humidity..i suppose that' s the reason why i lost these 2 ooths....
  12. histrio

    Drymaplaneta semivitta

    just 3-4 nymph by ooth
  13. histrio

    Drymaplaneta semivitta

    happy to read that ... I'm always waiting for the hatching of my 3 ooths... 2 others had rotten...
  14. histrio

    Drymaplaneta semivitta

    always good with them ? the adults are very beautifull...
  15. histrio

    Bantua sp - from Namibia

    i'm confident...and the 2 others breeders who breed them are experimented with cockroaches.