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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! Ive had my four male gromphadorhina portentosa roaches for several months and I feel pretty confident in their care. Since I feel a lot more relaxed about my first roach children I was looking into getting another species for my birthday in the summer. Right now I have my eye on either Gyna centurio, Archimandrita tesselata, or Elliptorhina javanica. I want two of whatever I decide (not necessarily a breeding pair but just two to have housed seperately). Does anyone have any idea on which I should get? I figured Id pick what kind first and then find somewhere with a reasonable price (suggestions for those are welcome too LOL) Id also like to thank the community for being here I know Im not very active but it's nice to know theres people willing to help if I would ever need any. (P.S. Gyna centurio can fly right? Yeah....is there any way to deal with that? Im not scared at all or anything like that but I woulsnt want to hurt the roach(es))
  2. I just got my two male madagascar hissing cockroaches and Im super excited! Literally just took them out of the mail. They were a little cold so I put a slightly warm wet rag around (not touching) the cup they came in. They appear perfectly fine! Theyre currently in two makeshift homes (Tupperware container w holes in the lid and some eco earth on the bottom (misted!) with a little bit of pear on a tablespoon w 1/4 of a toilet paper tube to hide in) because the temporary home I had previously set up was too small for both of the males to be happy and not fighting. (they both have a little nip out of one antenna so i want them to relax apart for a little) they warmed up right away and started at the pears. The small of the two is very active and he was walking on my hand when I took him out of the cup, he wouldnt leave until I held out the pear. The slightly bigger one isnt as energetic and has been slowly walking around his short term home. I expected him to hiss at me when I picked him up but he didnt which Im concerned about. Even the little one did when he was on my hand. His coloring is a little bit lighter than the small onr and I was wondering if he might be ready to start molting? Is there a way to tell? I dont know if its their tiny roach personalities that are different or what but hopefully the lid for their big home comes soon so they can have more space! Im extremely happy that this community is here to help me take care of my new babies!!! Cant wait to watch them grow into big boy roaches! (they are only two months old according to the seller but the bigger one seems closer to three months) Thanks!