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Baby Food as part of roach diet

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I decided to go out on a limb and try new food for my roaches, baby food. I fed some to my thin/ill Giganteus and they LOVED it, they wouldn't eat much of the food offered before but ate every single flavor of baby food with gusto! I cant believe I never thought of it before. I Highly recommend every roach owner try using this even if just once, with all the flavors of baby food, there's something for every roach.

I purchased these 3 flavors of "Beech Nut" brand baby food, all were favorites.


Chiquita Banana

Turkey & Turkey Broth (that's one flavor)

I was going to buy beef but it had lemon juice added so I didnt think that was good.

Pros & Cons of baby food for roaches.


#1- Easy to eat and digest for any size roach, especially good for nymphs who cant chew hard foods. Also good for old or pregnant roaches who need a boost of nutrition/hydration.

#2- With a little water added to dilute the food, also serves as an easy way to hydrate roaches (works best with fruit flavors) (can also be frozen to make popsicles for summer for your roaches)

#3- No artificial ingredients like salt or artificial sugar (for most anyway), healthier than dog or cat kibble.

#4- Cheaper than buying fresh fruits/vegetables.

#5- Wide variety of flavors, something for every roach species, even if only as a treat.

#6- Good for picky/stressed roaches who dont eat much.


#1- Very small nymphs may get stuck or drown if baby food is too deep.

#2- If it spills can be messy

#3- Molds very quickly, must be changed daily.

#4- Jar says after 3-4 days food isnt good to use, but mabye for roaches it's ok. Needs to be refridgerated after opening.

Tell me what you think.

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well, i went out shopping today at Sam's club and they had baby food, but it wasn't the brand that you recommended. I looked at the nutrition label on the back and noticed that they didn't have that much good in them so i decided that i wasn't going to waste my money on them.

eventually i'll look for the good ones and get them for my roaches.

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yup, i bought a jar and my roaches love it. the flavor that i used was vegetable beef. i'll give them a spoon full once a week as a supplement or treat.

thanks for the recommendation :-)

Gerber is also good. Baby food is like only a few cents though you wont be spending much.

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I highly recommend baby food for nutrition and variety.

I have been using it for the longest. I use a dry staple diet and baby food instead of fresh fruit, fresh fruit I use sparingly for diversity.

Baby food is very good. There is just enough nutrition (no matter what brand you buy) for roaches - water, preservatives, real fruit, sugar - all is beneficial.

The only cons are that is it messy if uneaten or spilled and must be eaten quickly 1-2 days max. roaches can drowned if too deep.

Fruit flies and pest beetles are not a problem as with fresh fruit.

I recommend getting a few fast food drink lids and filling the middle up with baby food (also can put oats in baby food to 'thicken' to not drown). The wide rim provides a confortable dock that they can sip from. You will have a few daredevils that will still fall in but for the most part they are willing to just eat like it is a trough.

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